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How to Avoid Your Puppy from Chewing Shoes?

How to Avoid Your Puppy from Chewing Shoes?

You might think it’s cute and melt your heart when your puppy is chewing a much more extensive shoe than their body. But it may become a ‘home disaster’ when the puppy grows up and shows destructive behavior by chewing shoes, clothes, and sofa. At that time, it’s too late to regret. So it's essential to train your dogs in order to prevent them from chewing shoes.

Keep on reading if you desire to know what is the first step to avoid things from happening. There are basically three main reasons why your puppy is biting shoes, including teething, boredom, and separation anxiety.

Puppy Teething

A puppy starts teething at about 3 to 4 months, and it may chew things because of teething. At this period, the puppy experiences gum sore and discomfort, and it’s drooling. Therefore, they will look for something to chew on, relieving the pain and discomfort. How to avoid it chewing on your shoes?

Provide teething toys for it to chew on. Especially those toys that can be filled with cool water so that it could also soothe your puppy’s gums and teach them to chew on toys. Whenever you notice them chewing on your shoes, replace the boots with chewing toys, and reward your puppy with treats when it starts chewing on toys. Keep shoes, clothes, and other things out of your puppy’s reach that it likes to chew on except its chewing toys.

Out of Boredom

Dogs or puppies could chew shoes out of boredom. If your puppy has no other entertainment activities to have fun or burn energy, it will find itself. Yes, it may begin to chew things to consume its energy and entertain itself. Hence, it would be best if you get them a job or a thing to focus on, like provide playthings and let them keep your house safe. A daily walk might also help to burn some of your dog’s energy.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can cause a puppy or dog to munch things that are nervous reactions to your absence. And to them, your shoes or clothes smell like you or even better. So, you should keep your clothes and shoes away from your dogs. Moreover, if your puppy remains alone all day, consider getting it an animal companion or get a dog secure camera/dog treat for it so that you can see, talk to it, and give treats to relieve its separation anxiety.

Remember not to scold it or yell at it when you found it biting your shoes, as this could frighten it. They just only need to be trained. Love your puppy and keep it as a company as much as possible.

Things You Must Know About Your Senior Dog

Things You Must Know About Your Senior Dog

Owning a dog and watching it grow from a cute little puppy to a strong adult dog is a memorable and happy period for most of us. But they will someday grow old like humans, which means they also experience age-related difficulties and sometimes aches. Unlike adult dogs, they might be unwilling to run out of joint aches, seem dull, and might have different needs. So, what needs to know to keep your senior dog happy?

Around a 7-year old dog would be considered a senior dog according to dog life span, and for larger breeds, it will be a little sooner. They might not see and hear as well anymore, so be patient when they don't listen to you when playing fetch games. Besides, to know more about your senior dogs and keep them happy, you need to keep the following things in mind.

It's expected that senior dogs get osteoarthritis: When dog's age, the tissue around their joints could wear away, and the bones would rub together. Certainly, this will make every movement painful for dogs. Therefore, don't push your senior dogs or yell at them when they don't show any interest or seem less energetic in running games. Also, osteoarthritis could cause joint aches after long walks. Try to consult vets and find out the best joint supplements for older dogs.

Senior dogs get obese more easily: As dogs started to age, their metabolism will decrease, and they cannot burn calories like they used to. With an unchanged appetite, they could gain fat quickly. Obesity could reduce a dog's life span and increase the risk of getting cancers and diseases. So, it's recommended to take your dog to the veterinarian every six months and perform dental care to avoid gum disease. Considering their aching joints, try to reduce activity for your dog, but maintain a proper amount of exercise, like a 20-minute walk three times a day.

They need grooming regularly: Grooming can help take away dog's dead hairs and make their coat thinner and more relaxed. For senior dogs, self-grooming becomes difficult, especially for long-haired breeds. When dog's age, their skin becomes dry and coarse; regular brushing can help keep the coat oils spread throughout the coat. Furthermore, a coconut or salmon oil supplement with meals can help improve their dry coat and skin.

It may be easy to accompany a dog from its puppy stage to adult age, but not in the case of the senior phase. Dogs may be just a part of your life, but remember, to them, you are all they have. Therefore, take care of your older dogs and accompany them to the last minute.

Important Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Important Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

In hot weather, it's possible that dogs get heatstroke if no measures are taken to keep them cool because dogs lose heat through panting and can only sweat through their paws. So, they are at high risk of getting heatstroke in hot weather, and dogs' death is relatively high in hot summer months. To help your dogs enjoy the summer days and keep them cool, here are some tips of don'ts and dos you should bear in mind.

Do not ever leave the dog alone in the car. In scorching weather, the temperature inside the car can become extremely high within a short time, which could be fatal to dogs. You should always keep it in mind primarily when you think it won't be too long. "Not long" is too prolonged for a dog alone in the car. So, If you ever see a dog alone in a car in warm weather, please dial 999 for help.

Do not walk your dog on noonday. It's scorching hot on the noonday of summer, and the pavement could be extremely hot and burn your dog's pads. Instead, on noonday, you can walk your dog in the early morning or late afternoon. Remember, if it's too hot for your hands, it's too hot for your dog's pads as well. Hence, try to get your dog's booties that you can purchase from pet shops and online stores to prevent their paws from burning.

Do not apply human sun cream on your dog. Human sun cream may contain some fatal ingredients to dogs. So, it is incredibly vital that you only use creams that are specially formulated as sunscreen for dogs. They should not include zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) because these ingredients are toxic if ingested by dogs. And dogs often lick their skin, might accidentally eat the sun creams. Use pet-safe sun cream on your dog's exposed parts of the skin, such as ears and nose, to prevent it from scorching.

If you want to keep your dogs safe and cool in hot summer, there are some tips you need to know.

Regular grooming. It can help brush away dead or excess hair and keep your dog's coat neat and free of knots. Grooming can also help to avoid flies laying eggs on it in hot weather. Therefore, it's crucial to keep dogs cool, especially for long-haired breeds.

Always remember to prepare water for your dog. Make sure your dog has access to clean and cool water at any time, and consider putting ice cubes in water to keep it cool. Moreover, change the water from time to time; otherwise, the water could become hot in warm weather. Additionally, always prefer to take water with you when going out together with your dog.

Prepare a paddling pool in the shape of your backyard for your dogs. Paddling pools can help dogs cooling down and also let them have fun. But do monitor if your dog is consuming lots of water in a short time as this could contribute to water intoxication in tropical weather. However, you can limit the time for them to playing in the pool. If you cannot provide a pool, put down damp towels for dogs to lie on, that would be the best choice.

Remember the tips mentioned above and keep your dogs safe while letting them enjoy the charm of the summer!