1 out of 5 women think that a man with a dog is more attractive

Posted on April 11 2018

1 out of 5 women think that a man with a dog is more attractive

That's right gentlemen, according to a survey published by the English site notonthehighstreet.com , having a dog can be the key to being more attractive in the eyes of women. The survey was made to 2000 English (men and women) to know what were the most desirable attributes in a person, in addition to physical attraction. According to the results of the survey: - 1 in 5 women said that a man with a dog is more attractive instantly . - Only 1 in 20 women is fixed on whether they are wearing designer clothes and only 6% are interested in an expensive car. - A dog is twice as attractive as a good salary (11%)or that a large house (12%).

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On the other hand, the survey also revealed what men look for in women and according to the results, men prefer women with whom they can feel relaxed and who say they look handsome from time to time .

A spokeswoman for the site said: " It is surprising that in England men are still enthusiastic about using traditional and romantic linking techniques, something that is often not recognized" ... "it is very good to see that in a generation where relationships are made online, there are still those who prefer the traditional way to conquer women ".

The survey also found that men are 3 times more skilled than women to realize when someone is flirting with them.

Both sexes maintained that eye contact is the most important thing when you flirt with someone, followed by saying a compliment or something nice. In fact, they published the 10 most popular linking techniques among men, what do you think, do you agree?

  1. Maintain eye contact- 50%
  2. Tell him something nice- 41%
  3. Disturb or tease a little (without being offensive) - 32%
  4. Turn them to see and then turn to another side. twenty%
  5. Ask for help- 17%
  6. Tell them they look good- 27%
  7. Invite them a drink- 16%
  8. Talk to them about the place where they are- 15%
  9. Send them a text message after meeting them- 14%
  10. Touch their arm or hand- 14%

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