10 basic things that every new owner must have for his dog

Posted on March 31 2018

10 basic things that every new owner must have for his dog

If you are going to have a new dog at home or if one has just arrived to your family, you are likely to ask yourself what products are essential to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Therefore, we leave you our recommendations of the 10 basic things that every new owner must have for his dog:

1. Food and water dishes
The best dishes for your dog are stainless steel, they are resistant and, in addition, do not keep bacteria, are easy to clean and do not contain toxic substances. Also, consider having a dispenser / water source for when you are away from home.

2. Bed
Your pet needs a place where he can rest. It is recommended that they have a soft closing cloth and the bedding should be covered with waterproof material. Tip: Avoid fluffy or stuffed covers, they are hard to keep clean.

3. Toys
To start, consider having a toy that can bite, a safe stuffed dog, a ball and a super-strong rope toy.

4. Transportadora or Kennel
It will become an essential accessory when traveling. Make sure you choose the right measures for your pet.

5. Identification plate
Most stray dogs do not have a plaque when they get lost. When they are the first things you should consider.

6. Belt and necklace
Look for a flat necklace and some material such as nylon, leather or microfiber. Make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable. In the same way, consider that the strap is safe for you, since it will be the ideal piece for afternoon walks.

7. Beauty kit
The elements that your kit should have will depend on the characteristics of your dog, but in general, we recommend you to get a shampoo for dogs that do not irritate your skin, a good brush clippers, and treatments for your care.

8. Food
To the extent of your possibilities, we recommend you get a good food for your dog. Think that it is an investment for the future, because a quality food, balanced, free of grains and with excellent ingredients will help you to maintain a better health.

9. Dispenser and bags for popo
Be a responsible and clean owner. Never forget to carry a dispenser, and bags to collect your waste.

10. Cleaning kit
Whether your new dog is a puppy or adult, it is logical that at first there will be some 'accidents' and will pee or poop inside the house in what is customary to do it instead. Therefore, it is important that you have some special cleaners based on enzymes to eliminate traces of odors, but that are completely safe for your dog.

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