10 ideal breeds to protect your house

Posted on June 26 2018

10 ideal breeds to protect your house
Over the years, one of the jobs of the domestic dog has been to protect its owners from unknown people or animals. There are many races that instinctively act as guardians due to their physical strength, courage, temperament, loyalty and endurance.

The next 10 races could be considered as the best 10 guardian races.

1. Bullmastin:
Known for his physical strength, instincts of protection, courage and loyalty to his family, he usually uses all his strength when an intruder crosses his path and blocks his path and defends his owners. However, this breed is very docile in the family environment.

2. Doberman:
It is the perfect race if you have a large property which you want to protect since it is a great guard dog. It is an incredibly agile dog, fast and capable of taking the intruder by surprise in seconds. It is one of the most courageous, intelligent and loyal races.

3. Rottweiler:
Raised breed for cattle guard dog, known to protect their herd. It is an intelligent race and extremely loyal to its owners and distant strangers what makes them good company and a race to protect the family.

4. Komondor:
This breed has been used to protect flocks of sheep, since it has the natural ability to be a guard dog. They are very active, courageous, loyal and very strong. If you are given the right training and socialize properly it is an ideal dog for a family.

5. Giant Schnauzer:
They are strong, powerful and dominant dogs that require a strict training. This breed is very demanding when it comes to paying attention because it requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation. His loyalty to the family is what makes him an excellent guard dog.

6. Puli:
Known to always be alert, their way of preventing their owners from anything out of the ordinary is barking. It is a very intelligent breed and they need to be constantly accompanied. They are perfect for a family that leads an active lifestyle, as they love hiking, running and outdoor activities.

7. German Shepherd:
It is a bold race, safe and without fear. Extremely intelligent dogs as they quickly learn commands at the time of training, that is why it is the preferred breed by the police. They have a calm attitude in their home, but at the time that their family or property is in danger, they react effusively to protect it.

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback:
They are dogs that love hugs and they seem to be all tenderness, but they are the opposite, since their free and independent nature makes them a good race for the guard. So you must train it firmly and correctly.

9. Staffordshire Terrier:
Breed raised for bullfighting thanks to its aggressive and protective nature, which makes it an excellent watchdog. However, it requires proper training and socialization from puppy. They are magnificent domestic dogs, which only react aggressively when their family is at risk.

10. Kuvasz:
This race is very territorial because it has a very strong instinct to protect their family and home. This dog tends to be very reserved with strangers, but is very ambitious at the time of asking for affection from their owners.

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