10 secrets to make your dog happy

Posted on July 02 2018

10 secrets to make your dog happy

We all want to have a happy dog, and although each dog has its own personality, they all have something in common: they fill our lives with happiness. Whether it's filling us with kisses or just being there when we're sad, they make us love them more every day. But what do we do to make them happy? Today we bring a list of 10 secrets (not so secret) to make your dog happy.

1, Take it for a walk

Many believe that by having a large patio or a huge garden at home they do not need to walk their dogs, however you have to consider that nothing replaces the experience of socializing and creating a bond with other dogs. Dust the leash and take your puppy for a walk, a walk or explore some place they have never been to. It will be good, for both.

2, Play with your puppy

We know that many will seem a no-brainer, but sometimes it is necessary to remind us to enjoy some time. A game as simple as throwing the ball, hiding prizes in a toy or just playing hide and seek can make your dog happier.

3, Keep an eye on fleas and ticks

Nothing will make your dog happier than showing him how much you care, and what better way to do it than paying close attention to his health. At any time can be a victim of these animals, so it is important that you keep away from your best friend to avoid scratching.

4, Be aware of its dental health

Dogs love to eat and chew things, especially when their teeth are growing and also when they are losing them. There are 2 simple steps; 1. Give him some bait to bite and calm the itching on his gums, 2. Brush his teeth at least once a day to keep them clean and strong.

5, Go on a trip together

Knowing part of the family will make your dog very happy, and what better than taking him on a trip with you. Simply find a pet friendly hotel where your dog can be without problems and ready, the rest is just take it safely in the car or plane. Always take into account a conveyor or carrying case that makes the trip more comfortable and safe for your dog.

6, Make sure your puppy is well identified

This is a basic, if for some reason you get to lose your dog, you must have an identification plate to find it as quickly as possible. You can use a recorded plate, or something more sophisticated like a GPS.

7, Dedicate love and time

Dogs are animals that are naturally affectionate, and you've probably noticed when you snuggle on your feet or on the couch with you. You must make sure that you spend enough time with him, caressing him and letting him know that you think about him and that you care.

8, Keep your dog feel good at different season

If it's spring or summer, make sure your dog is well hydrated and somewhere in shade. Protect it from excessive sun and keep its paws protected from the hot pavement. If it is winter keep warm, covered with a sweater or coat and with their paws and nose protected from possible cracks that may occur.

9, Visits to the veterinarian are priority

Although it may not seem so much to him, visiting the vet is the best way to make him happy. Especially if you detect some strange behavior or something to worry about. Having your dog healthy is a good way to make him happy. The most important problems you must prevent are eye and ear infections, keeping your nails short, keeping your elbows hydrated and the pads of your paws.

10, Balanced diet

Last but not least, food. Giving your dog a quality food that is specific to its breed or size can ensure a long and happy life because it promotes the health of your dog.

Remember that they are living beings, and like us, they require samples of affection and affection (and I do not speak of hugs only) I speak of making them happier on a daily basis. If you do it daily, you will create a habit and it will become an action that you will do without realizing it.

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