10 Signs of Bad Nutrition in a Dog

Posted on June 21 2018

10 Signs of Bad Nutrition in a Dog

10 Signs of Bad Nutrition in a Dog

There are many options when it comes to feeding your dog but we are not necessarily giving our hairy nutrition. We provide you with a list of 10 signs that normally show that your dog is not well nourished and that it is advisable to analyze changing your diet:

Problems with the intestine:

Soft stools, diarrhea, and constipation may be signs that the food is not right for your digestive system and the diet may not be the correct one. If your dog has a problem with his stomach out of the normal it is advisable to take him to the vet but to relieve diarrhea and constipation, we suggest using specialized products for your dog.

Constant flatulence:

Some dog breeds are more prone to gas (like the Bull Dog) but if your hairy one experiences gastric problems in terms of bad smell and very often it means that something is not sitting in your system. For this we recommend you change your food for a more balanced or use a supplement to help control gases .

Continuous itching:

Although many may not believe it, excessive scratching can be caused by a reaction or an allergy to the ingredients in the food. We recommend taking it to the veterinarian because there are many reasons why you may have an itch. But if it is due to a bad diet or allergy to food, we recommend you change your food and use a hypoallergenic food .

Problems with your weight:

Going up or losing weight in unusual amounts can be due to an excess of carbohydrates in your hairy foods. It can also mean that you are not getting the right nutrients in your diet. We recommend a balanced diet and if you suffer from obesity we recommend croquettes for weight control .

Ear problems:
If your dog has chronic ear problems and you have tried everything and it just does not go away, consult your veterinarian about food allergies. Since the bad diet could be the culprit of the constant problems of hearing of your dog.

Continuous diseases:

If your dog behaves as if he were sick after each time he eats and usually vomits or acts uncomfortable, chances are that something he is eating is hurting him. In addition to taking it to the veterinarian, it is advisable to make a change in your diet.

Very low energy level:

If your hairy is very slow or depressed after he eats, or if it does not seem that his energy level is appropriate for his age, race or personality it may be that his food is not giving him the right nutrients. We recommend you change your diet and use foods high in protein. If this continues we recommend croquettes or energizing prizes for dogs or supplements / vitamins to give more nutrients to your dog .

Changes in their behavior:
Although it may not seem like it, food affects absolutely everything in your dog! If you have recently changed your hairy croquettes and suddenly start acting differently, there is a huge possibility that it is food. For example, if your dog's food does not have enough nutrients and he does not feel satisfied, he can start stealing food when before he never felt the need to do so. It is extremely essential to change to a balanced diet and moderate amounts. In the same way, if you notice it too stressed, we recommend relaxing rewards that will help lower stress levels and at the same time nourish it.

Loss of appetite:
If you notice that your dog has decreased the amount of food you eat, it is very likely that these specific croquettes no longer like or no longer have the nutrients you need to continue to develop. We recommend you pay close attention to the portions of your diet and change to high-protein croquettes.

It seems that he is always hungry:

If it seems that your dog is hungry all the time and at lunchtime, you notice it anxious and desperate, it is likely that you are not receiving the proper nutrients you need in your meal.

If your dog suffers any of these signs constantly then we recommend you read our Guide for a Balanced Feed for your Dog.

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