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10 smartest dog breeds

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Posted on June 25 2018

The 10 smartest dog breeds

All dogs are intelligent but at the same time very different and there are races in particular that come out by their intelligence in different tasks.
That's why we make a list of the 10 smartest breeds and if you have one of these furry at home you can take advantage of this quality to get the best out of your dog.

Siberian Husky
This breed was raised in Northeast Asia to pull sleds as they are very resistant to cold and have a lot of strength. It is a race that you like more than obey to obey.

Border Collie
Considered a race addicted to work and extremely intelligent! This race stands out for its agility, extraordinary instinct and intense look. For this, in England and Scotland it is used to control cattle.

Golden Retriever
They are very patient and one of the most popular breeds in the world. This breed can be easily trained to find and recover animals that have just been hunted. The breed is also known as rescue dogs, drug detectors, and guide dogs.

Belgian Malinois
They are ideal dogs for military work because they have great intelligence, strength, agility, training capacity and a strong desire to work. It is a naturally protective race.

Labrador Retriever
The Labrador is an obedient, patient and loving dog that can be trained to do almost anything. The Labradors are excellent as guide dogs. Thanks to his intelligence and attitude is one of the best options to have within a family.

Australian Shepherd
It is a very active breed that likes to always have something to do. It is a very adaptable dog, energetic, intelligent and due to its strong instincts of grazing, it is the best ally for work in the field.

Newfoundlands Newfoundlands
They are perfect for realizing aquatic rescues thanks to their lung capacity that allows them to be masters in long distance swimming. They are very intelligent, have a very good instinct so they are easy to train.

A very calm race easy to train. The Bloodhound is the unparalleled tracker. His nose is prodigious, being the favorite in the search for people. Since the fourteenth century it was already used for that purpose. Nowadays it is used both to pursue criminals and to find lost people in the forests and other places.

This breed has an impressive nose that helps it detect things that humans can not easily see. For example, they are the preferred breed of fumigators because they can find out where the bugs are hiding.

German Shepherd
They are a loyal, reliable and highly intelligent breed. They are so intelligent that they are the preferred breed for military, police and security exercises.

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