10 strange things your dog does

Posted on July 09 2018

10 strange things your dog does

All dog lovers know that there are things that our furry friends do that we have no idea why they make them. That is why we took on the task of investigating 10 strange things that dogs do and the possible explanation of why they do it.

1 . Drinking toilet water
Many puppies seem to enjoy drinking water from the toilet. This is because they see an endless supply of fresh and available water. Also, the material in the toilet does not change the taste of the water so it tastes delicious to them. Even if you enjoy it, it is advisable to close the lid of the bathroom to avoid getting any bacteria or drink a chemical.

2. Smell smelly things
What stinks for humans, for dogs is like perfume. They enjoy these aromas and even cover them. This to feel part of that that dismisses that aroma. Studies show that this is because of their hunting instinct, since dogs are covered in the aromas around them to keep hidden and to stalk their prey. If your hairy enjoys doing it, you can use some spray deodorant so it always smells good.

3. Walk in a circle before bed
Before there were comfortable beds, the dogs had to prepare their area to sleep themselves. The dogs rotated in the pastures to gather them and make the place where they will sleep more comfortable. In addition, walking in circles regulates the temperature of the dog to be cool to lie down.

4. Chasing cats
Many puppies get along very well with cats, but some especially those who because of their race are hunters love to chase any creature that runs to see them. Cats reach a speed of 45 km / h while most dogs reach a speed of only 42 km / h so it will always be a fun challenge to chase them.

5. Shake your paw when you scratch it
When you scratch or rub your puppy, the usual reaction is to move his paw at a steady pace. Even though your puppy enjoys that you do, this reaction is equivalent to what your dog would do when there are fleas on his body. That is to say, your brain registers when you scratch it as if there were fleas stinging it and it has no way of differentiating it, so this reflex reaction is automatic.

6. "Greet" the leg of your guests
This is a reaction that causes every owner shame. Male dogs in adolescence (similar to human adolescents) have a lot of hormones that make them have sexual instincts that puppies are not able to control. Sterilizing the puppy can help calm these reactions, however it is not 100% guaranteed.

7. Eat grass
There really is no concrete explanation there are two possible theories. The first is that puppies by nature know that the grass helps their digestion (although they do not know what it is because of chlorophyll and fiber). The other one is based on the evolution of the dogs, when there were no veterinarians or medicines and they ate something that they did not like, they ate grass to vomit and calm their stomachs.

8. Barking the mailman
Puppies usually bark at strangers with the intention of intimidating them and preventing them from returning and for the most part this is the case. In the case of postmen who usually go more than once a week, the puppies are challenged because their barking did not get away from the stranger so they can even raise the volume of their barking to try to move him away.

9. Lick yourself, others and even animals
Most owners associate this as a "kiss," but it has nothing to do with this. There are three reasons that can stand out. Moms lick their dogs when they are born to remove the placenta when they are born. Puppies lick their moms when they are hungry. They also tend to do so as a sign of submission to the "alphas" (regardless of whether they are dogs or humans).

10. Move the tail
Most people believe that moving the tail is a sign of a happy dog, however the position of its tail is what really determines the mood. When the tail of your dog is down and the movement is slow it indicates that it is relaxed. However, if your dog's tail is upright and arched over his back it indicates that something is bothering him. It is very rare for your dog to move his tail if they are alone and have no one to share their feelings with.

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