10 Things Every Puppy Owner Should Know

Posted on June 27 2018

10 Things Every Puppy Owner Should Know

Here we leave you the 10 things that every new puppy owner should know before having a new little one at home or preparing for a puppy.

1. It will be more playful and destructive as a child.
In the first months, the puppies begin to draw their teeth and that is when your hair is probably going to find that your chairs, socks and toys are the best pacifiers of the discomfort. You have to be very careful not to eat something that hurts and not scold him for biting your favorite shoes, remember not to throw everything away now.

2. Puppies need a lot of sleep
The smaller the puppies need to sleep the more. If your puppy is used to sleeping with others, he will probably cry the first few nights alone. In addition they will go to the bathroom suddenly at night, so you have to pay attention to them.

3. They need special food
Puppies can not eat the same croquettes or food as an adult dog, they can hurt their teeth and not get the nutrients they need to grow. That is why you must be aware that a baby needs special food and that dogs also develop differently depending on the size of the breed: a small breed develops faster than a large one, so a chihuahua can eat food from adult before a great Dane.

4. They need a lot of attention
Puppies need exact hours to go to the bathroom, be fed 3 to 4 times a day, be entertained all day long; basically you will have the same time how to have a newborn at home.

5. Training your puppy is a matter of patience
Puppies learn quickly to be trained at home, even in weeks. But because they are so young, they quickly forget the lessons, but it is always better to train them from a young age so that adults have their lessons in mind.

6. They will make your dogs bigger.
Adult dogs are calmer, they are usually more educated and how to behave ... until a baby arrives that makes them crazy and makes them feel small again; That is when an old dog must learn new tricks

7. Your young children may not be good parents.
Parents often believe that by having very young children it is a good idea to have puppies; Soon they discover that it is not like that. If you have young children, it is best to wait until they reach an age when they are responsible for a puppy, in the end it is also a life to take care of.

8. Until they grow up they will be good gym partners
If you expected your puppy to become your partner to run every morning, you will have to wait a few months. When they are puppies if they exercise but usually they just throw themselves, turn, run in a circle or anything but follow your step; but do not worry it will eventually be your best gym partner.

9. They are more faithful in the long term
Sometimes when the puppies grow they change their personality, but that does not mean that they no longer love you or that they are less loyal. The younger they get home, the more accustomed they are to part of the family, so they come to see you as a father figure and they need you more than you think.

10. It always makes a puppy happier at home
They may be a whirlwind of madness, but a puppy always makes the days happy, besides being the most tender little creatures that can be. If you have or have a puppy do not hesitate to put us in the comments your experiences.

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