11 things you should never tell dog owners

Posted on April 16 2018

11 things you should never tell dog owners

If you have a dog , surely you have heard at least one of these phrases and the liver was turned upside down. The incredible thing is that many times these things are said by both your acquaintances and strangers and, sometimes, even by people who also have a dog. 

As they say out there, if you hear one of these phrases , do not clue , do not do courage and better think that, maybe, these people do not do it with bad intentions and it is simply that they have not had the luck to form a bond as deep and meaningful as the one you have with your dog.

11. I do not understand how you let your dog get on the couch or bed.

Finally, it's your bed and it's your chair, is not it? Anyway, if you need arguments you can answer that people who sleep with their dogs sleep better .

10. Do you let him lick your hands / face? Gross!

And later? Whose face or hands? So? If others do not like that a dog licks, all good, but respect those who enjoy it.

9. You have a dog because you do not like children / do not want to have children, right?

Well, it may or may not be, but it's your tastes and your decisions, and you would not have to justify yourself for them.

8. And what are you going to do when you grow old and die?

Yes, we all know that dogs live less than humans and we also know that one day we will have to say goodbye to them, but that is not why we want to think about it all the time and discuss it with other people.

7. Your dog's illness is costing you a lot of money, have not you thought about sleeping better?

Without a doubt, one of the cruelest and most stupid things that someone could tell you. Really, never never do it. Really.

6. Did your dog die? Get yourself another one!

The loss of a dog is a very, very, very difficult situation to overcome (if it is ever overcome at all). Please, do not say it. Never. To say it is insensitive, cruel and completely useless. A simple 'I'm sorry' is more than enough.

5. If you do not hit her, your dog will never learn.

No no no no. Not only do they show you that they do not have NI IDEA on how to educate a dog, since it has been proven that the blows simply do not work to achieve a true education (they simply make dogs terrify you and do not respect them, which is not the same thing ), besides being a completely cruel action and that in some places is already penalized (fortunately!). Do not even think about suggesting it. Do not.

4. Do you really have a ________ (insert stereotypical race name)? But those dogs are very dangerous, right?

There are races that, unfortunately, have been surrounded by absurd prejudices and stereotypes . In truth, do not contribute to these prejudices continue to spread. If you say something like that, not only are you rude, but it also shows that you do not have much knowledge about it.

3. Does not it bother you that your house / clothes are full of hairs?

If it bothered me so much, I would not have a dog at home, would I? Also, who asked you?

2. I'm going to visit you, but can you lock your dog when it arrives?

NO NO NO. This is my house and my dog ​​was here before you. If you do not like my dog, see you somewhere else or, maybe, you do not like me so much anymore.

1. It's just a dog!

This is one of the worst sentences you can say and, unfortunately, one of the most common. We know that for you your dog is your family, but who tells you this, clearly shows that they do not know at all what it is to have a deep relationship with a dog, so do not fight because you will never understand (but it is worth to throw look of few friends).

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