12 signs that shows dogs are not right in their health

Posted on April 08 2018

12 signs that shows dogs are not right in their health

It is not that we are paranoid, but we must always be attentive to these red lights! It is important to know well the natural state of your dog. This way, when something changes, you can notice it and know when to take it to the vet.

1. When they stop eating or even drink water.

2. Noticeable changes in the way you urinate or defecate. Diarrhea with or without blood, difficulty urinating or defecating, blood in the pee.

3. Constant or bloody vomiting. Sometimes dogs eat grass or a piece of plastic, and vomiting is a normal reaction of their body, but when this is constant or there are traces of blood, it is a bad sign.

4. Low energy. Although it is normal for your dog to sleep for several hours after having activity, if you notice a change of mood or in the amount of hours you spend lying down, it is a red spotlight.

5. Pale gums. The natural color of the gums is pink. If you notice that your dog has white, or simply paler than normal, it is a warning signal.

6. Red or swollen eyes. A sign of pain in dogs may be that the white part of the eyes have red. Swollen eyes can be a symptom of an infection or some other problem.

7. Scratching excessively. It can be a sign of an allergy or skin problem.

8. Warts or balls under the skin. It may not be anything serious and it is simply a little ball of fat, but it is always better to make sure.

9. Rare odors, either in ears, snout or in your body in general. When there is an infection in the ears or snout, it is common that they smell bad or different.

10. Difficulty in your way of sitting, lying or standing.

11. Sudden aggression. Many times dogs react like this because of pain. If your dog is usually very docile but when you touch certain parts of the body it reacts badly, it is a sign that something is not right.

12. Irregular breathing. It is normal that, when exercising or playing, get excited and, consequently, your heart rate goes up; but if when you are calm and lying down you breathe very fast or irregularly, it is best to check it, as it can be a sign of pain or a problem in the heart.

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