15 Must-known things before purchasing one good automatic pet feeder

Posted on March 27 2018

15 Must-known things before purchasing one good automatic pet feeder

Before buying one of these convenient automatic pet feeder that make your life easier, we recommend that you take into consideration the aspects that we will detail below. If you make sure you take them all into account, you will be sure to have a model that fits your specific needs and those of your furry friend.Here is the list of 15 Must-known things before purchasing one good automatic pet feeder.

1,Multi-day models: these are available for cats and smaller dogs. The disadvantage is that they do not usually sell them for bigger canines because they do not have the necessary capacity for several large portions. If it is for medium or small animals, they are really useful. And more if they are for cats.
2,Health and nutrition: statistics suggest that 54% of pets in the United States are obese or overweight. In fact, many people let their animals eat whenever they want, and this can cause obesity, osteoporosis, liver disease and more. The good thing is that with one of these devices you can avoid those diseases and more, since they allow you to control the intake of food, the health and energy of your pets.
3,Convenience: these are products that can greatly alleviate your work, because now you will not need to be constantly present and pending to give small portions of food to your pets, but the dispenser will do everything for you and at the right times. In turn, they can be programmable to be activated only with your pet's microchip. So each of your furry friends will have their right rations.
4,Battery: Make sure that the model has a backup battery to keep it operational, even if the main power source is not available. In turn, check that battery constantly. Even, there are models that work by gravity and are not electric.
5,Easy to configure: these devices are easy to use, the only thing is that some pets take some time to adjust to this new system. Anyway, it is an affordable way to have them well taken care of without having to hire someone or ask favors from your friends while you work or go on a trip.
6,Consider if your pet can control their eating habits: some models work with gravity, releasing food every time the animal eats from the bowl below. This model is best for cats who eat snacks during the day, but for dogs that eat too much we recommend programmable dispensers.
7,Avoid models too light or too heavy: hungry pets can knock down one of these devices easily, breaking it and making a real disaster that you do not want to clean. It also avoids a model in which your furry friend can access with his legs, since he could get more food than he has to or get hurt if the model is electric.
8,Noise: some of these devices can be noisy, so scare small or shy pets. If you can take a model, try it at home and return it if your friend does not like it, we recommend that you do it first.
9,Power Intervals: Some models come with predetermined feeding schedules, so be sure to buy a programmable one that you can modify to adjust it to your animal's schedule.
10,Ease of cleaning: as always, with this type of products we recommend that you look for one with washable parts in the dishwasher, thus saving you all the trouble of having to wash it by hand.
11,Dispensers: look for a model with dispensers suitable for dry or wet food, depending on what your pet needs. Thus, they may have some system to keep food cold or to give bites of the correct sizes.
12,Number of compartments for food: make sure that the model you choose has enough compartments so that your pet can enjoy all the portions you need.
13,Number of pets in your home: you may need separate automatic eateries for each of your animals in case they are competitive at mealtime.
14,Consider the size and strength of your pet: if your furry friend is strong and intelligent, look for a model that is difficult to fool, so that he is not able to fold the covers or access food outside the hours and amounts established by you.
15,Check if the feeder is appropriate for dogs and / or cats: some models are appropriate specifically for one of these animals and, although they may work for the other, remember that both have very different bodies and needs.

Wopet brings innovative pet feeders to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life. And now many, many more caring cat and dog owners are empowered to maintain a healthy, consistent, stress-free diet for their pets.

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