3 Simple stretches keep your puppy flexible

Posted on May 18 2018

3 Simple stretches keep your puppy flexible

In general, there are three parts of your dog's body for which stretching becomes particularly useful - the shoulders, hips and back. As parents of dogs, we can not always avoid injuries and accidents, but we can always try to prevent canine strain injuries and other complications related to muscles by just stretching and massaging our puppy on a regular basis.

The following sections, when done carefully and slowly, are usually well tolerated by most pets. However, if you do not feel very confident in your ability to perform the stretches, consult your veterinarian or an animal chiropractor to show how the stretch should be done so you can perform it at home.

If your dog shows signs of pain during any of the stretches, interrupt the movement and have you watched by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Canine body parts to stretch

The shoulder flexors. These are the muscles responsible for the fluid movement of your dog, as well as the proper use of its front legs. To stretch this part, ask your dog to stand up and then grasp the front leg above the elbow. Try placing the other hand under your elbow in order to stabilize it, and then gently move Fido's leg forward. After reaching the resistance point, maintain this position for between 15 and 30 seconds. Repeat two or three times for each of your dog's front legs.

The hip flexors. These muscles, on the other hand, allow your dog to move his hips and legs when walking, running or jogging. To stretch these parts, ask Fido to rest and then hold the leg back above the knee. Try moving the leg back said directly behind your body slowly and carefully. The moment you reach a point of resistance when the additional extension will now require putting in a certain degree of pressure, try to keep your leg in that position between 15 and 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure two or three times with each of Fido's hind legs.

The area of ​​the back. This stretch usually requires the use of some special training things. With your dog standing and standing on one side of it, try moving the treatment slowly in the direction of its tail. Encourage Fido to follow the treatment with his gaze, turning only his head. This will require Fido to bend on its side in a C shape. Try holding it in this position for 15 to 30 seconds, and then move on to its other side. Repeat the procedure by completing 2 or 3 sections on each side.

Although there is almost nothing we can really do to repair problems associated with the unhealthy breeding dog nor can we completely avoid all possible accidents, keep in mind that, as parents of dogs, we can always try to prevent injuries by Canine effort and other complications related to the muscles of simply stretching and massaging our puppy on a regular basis. In this way, we can keep you in shape and well balanced psychologically. Remember that a dog that works well has maintained its flexibility and innate elasticity.

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