3 Tips helps newbie breeder know their dog better

Posted on November 23 2017

tips to feed a healthy dog

Nowadays, more and more people likes to have a dog friend for accompany because dogs are smart and friendly, they are called as humans’ best friend also. For a newbie breeder, they will alway have many “why” question of their dogs. So now, the following are some answers and tips for your reference:

1.Why my dogs’ hair shedding?

While the puppies on their 3-4 months old, they always have a problem of hair shedding. The lanugo will be replaced with permanent hair, which meaning they grows up, not puppies any more. You can find some new and hard hair on their back in this time.

In some seasons, they shed hair too, it’s called seasonal shedding. Normally happens in Spring and Autumn, but it’s inconspicuous.

But when you see their fur shedding in a big piece with a different skin color or have some odder smell, you should pay attention to it cuz it might be a skin disease.

Endocrine dyscrasia caused the same problem, you would see the symmetry hair shedding shape on the sick dog if it had this problem. BTW, it happens on the pregnant dogs, too.

2. Why my puppy still smelly after they took a shower?

For better solving this problem, we need to know the source of smelly. It mainly comes from their mouth, ears, skin and anus. When they got the periodontal disease or dental calculus, their mouth smelly. Try to brush their teeth or feed some snack that can do the teeth cleaning,. It could not be a quickly fixed, but these way helps.

If their ears smelly because they got otobius on ears, you just need to clean it well and the smelly smell gone.

They are smelly after got the skin diseases,. You had better go to find the vet if you can’t make sure why it happened.

If they got anal inflammation, they are smelly. Go find the vet for help asap.

3. Why I can’t feed the dogs salty food?

In some report said that the dogs will have the problem of hair shedding if they ate salty food. Well, that’s one of the reason, the most important thing is, it do harms to their nephridium and heart if you feed them salty food in a long time.

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