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5 hidden dangers in your vehicle for your dog

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Posted on June 10 2018

Whether you travel a very long distance or just go to the corner store by car with your pet, there are several hidden hazards in your vehicle. We teach you what they are and how to avoid them.

1. Garbage or food
It is harder to keep the trash in a safe place since there is no trash can in the car. A sugar-free gum that contains xylitol, leftover grapes or raisins, or chocolate candies can cause toxicity to your dog. Remember not to leave garbage around your hairy, since usually dogs are very curious so everything they want to sniff and suck.

2. Vehicle doors
Although dogs can not open the vehicle doors by themselves, doors can cause serious problems. Often, broken bones occur when children are involved and do not notice the pet near the door. Make sure that all children traveling in your vehicle know how to check before closing the door to help minimize accidentally hitting your hairy. You can put your hairy a travel harness. It is a special harness to which you can put the seatbelt without danger of hurting it and in this way you avoid that it tries to jump or to leave when it is not safe.

3. Pedals
Pedals in the car can pose a threat. If the dog is investigating, as a dog normally does, he can get in where the pedals are and end up getting crushed or worse, blocking the way to the brakes causing an accident. It is important to acquire a special safety belt that can be attached to the collar or bib of the dog and thus prevent it from moving around the car while it is moving and prevent accidents.

4. Seat belt
It is no secret that dogs love to bite and chew, and this may include objects in your vehicle. A safety belt is designed for humans, thinking about how they sit. This does not apply to dogs since they do not feel the same way we do. That is why it is advisable to use a belt extension that fits the needs of your dog. Without the danger of squeezing more and causing harm.

5. Heat
A vehicle that is too hot is a danger to dogs. The interior of a car can increase on average 6 degrees per hour. Even on a relatively cold day, the temperature inside a parked car can quickly rise to deadly levels if it is in the sun. You should never leave your child alone in the car, even with the windows open or the air conditioner running, since a vehicle with keys on and on can also cause problems. They can even accidentally close the doors by pressing the lock while trying to see through the window.

The solution: Always ensure your dog's safety
Many of the dangers we mentioned, would not be so risky if the dogs were properly contained with a dog belt, travel basket, or safety harness,so it is important to take precautions.

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Remember: if your dog has its own dog safety belt and a car accident happens, it is much less likely to fly off and get hurt. So take your precautions, travel safely and protect your dog every time you get into the car.

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