5 ideas to teach your puppy not to chew your stuff

Posted on September 13 2018

5 ideas to teach your puppy not to chew your stuff

Puppies chew on objects because they bite their teeth, because they get bored, or because your sweaty socks seem appetizing to them. They do not know that this is not done in society and can not calculate the price of a devastated couch. Most puppies reach their peak "chewing" period around the age of 21 weeks.

If on your way home or at the dog boarding place , you discover a ripped basket, or worse a slaughtered kitchen table, you can be sure that the cute little ball of hair that hides in a corner is responsible for the damage. Other clues are pieces of rubber or cardboard scattered on the floor of the kitchen, or the disappearance of socks and shoes. If you stumble while walking on the carpet, a look will allow you to detect frayed edges with small sharp teeth.

Fortunately, there are techniques to dissuade your puppy from chewing your stuff, and possibly eating something dangerous for him .

Here are 5 ideas to implement:

  • Buy several chew toys.
  • Freeze your puppy's toys. This will soothe his gums and keep him occupied longer.
  • Clean the house! imagine that you have a toddler: put safety latches on all the doors and store the cleaning products in an inaccessible place. Invest in a shoe rack and close all closets. Always store: no cushions on the sofa, no books on the coffee table, no scarf lying on the chair ...
  • Discourage chewing with unpleasant flavors. Sprinkle objects within reach of your puppy with a repellent, both safe for your puppy and for your business. You can also try with a few drops of tabasco.
  • Teach him to stay in his basket. Teaching a dog to feel good in his basket from an early age is essential. It allows him to feel safe, and it's up to you not to explode. You can buy a bites resistant basket , guaranteed indestructible.
If you do not teach your puppy what he has the right to chew on and if you do not protect your stuff, you are going to have some difficult times, especially when you leave him at a boarding school .

Remember that teaching your puppy what to chew is not a problem in the canine society: it is another way to impose rules so that dogs and men can live well together, you with your couch leather and your pup with his rubber bone.

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