5 reasons to sleep with your pet

Posted on September 13 2018

5 reasons to sleep with your pet
Everyone knows that our animals help us to relax and relax, they are a benchmark of security for our emotional and help to soothe us. Sleeping with our pet would have a good influence on the quality of our sleep, according to the majority of people, although some say that they prevent them from getting to sleep.

5 good reasons to sleep with your dog:

1. Dogs tend to relax and help us find our peace at the end of the day. So it's a good excuse to give our faithful companions their loyalty, they will be happy to share your bed and help you sleep.

2. Having our pet on our side makes us feel secure, we know it will manifest itself whenever something unusual happens at home.

3. It's a good reason to please him because he too loves to sleep with you: he is also safer with you.

4. Even a small dog will keep you warm and will be as soft and fluffy as a pillow.

5. Animals are excellent anti-depressants and help to reduce symptoms or relieve anxiety that depression generates even if it is a transient diet.

According to researchers more than half of the masters of dogs and cats allow them to sleep with them and the majority say that it is a way for them to better sleep. However, it is not certain that certain species such as parakeets or lizards produce the same relaxing effect in your bed!

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