5 reasons why dogs howl

Posted on April 14 2018

5 reasons why dogs howl

Surely you've heard that your dog howls and you do not explain why. Some researchers have concluded that the howling in dogs is due to the offspring that it has of the wolf, although it also serves so that dogs can express themselves and perform some other activities such as territory protection.

These are some of the reasons why dogs howl:

  • Pain or discovery: Your dog may begin to howl if it presents any pain or is with someone who was hurt, instinctively, the dogs howl to vocalize the pain. There are some breeds that are trained to howl when they make a discovery, usually these dogs are used in hunting or as rescuers .
  • Call attention: Some dogs use it to get the attention of their owners when they realize that you do not resist when you hear them howl and run to see if something happened to them, but no. Your dog is smiling waiting to play with you, if you realize that, start doing it when you want to go to play with him.
  • Delimit your territory: Yes, even an adorable schnauzer has an instinct that makes him mark his territory from the other dogs. That's why you've heard your dog howls and other dogs answer him, or joins the symphony of howls in the colony.
  • Anxiety: Another reason why dogs howl is because they have anxiety . If you spend a lot of time away from home and your dog does not have as many toys or forms of entertainment, it can be depressing . That's why when you arrive at the house he begins to howl as a way of claiming you.
  • Imitation: Quiet, if you howl at home it does not mean that you are claiming. They can also howl as a form of imitation sounds like sirens of patrols or ambulances, the sound of the train or some considerable sound in the environment. Why do they do it? Still not known.

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