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5 ways in which your dog makes your life better

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Posted on July 10 2018

All those who enjoy the company of a dog in his life know how rewarding and wonderful it is to share time with him. We could say that there are dozens of activities that your dog has a good day, however we will list the 5 ways in which your dog improves your life

1. Release stress : Being in the same room with your dog has a calming effect. When you seek the company of your dog, your body releases oxytocin a substance that generates happiness in you according to experts. Can you imagine if you also play with him?

2. Encourage exercise : Your dog is the best company to exercise outdoors, even better than a friend. A study conducted by the University of Missouri revealed that those people who walk and exercise with their dogs improved their physical condition compared to those who do it with other people.

3. Prevent allergies : A study published by the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy revealed that if a child has contact with a dog before reaching 6 months of age the chances of developing allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and dermatitis were reduced and even nullified.

4. Detect cancer : Because the sense of smell of dogs is 1 million times better than that of humans, there are puppies that with just sniffing the breath of the person can find out if they have cancer or not.

5. Increase your self-esteem : An investigation published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who have dogs have a higher self-esteem and have a better sense of belonging and give a higher meaning to their life than those who do not have a puppy.

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