5 ways to keep your dog from smelling bad

Posted on June 25 2018

5 ways to keep your dog from smelling bad

The 5 reasons why your dog smells bad are very easy to avoid. Here we tell you how:

1. Smell of wet dog:
The microorganisms and bacteria that live on the skin of your furry when they come into contact with water cause a bad smell. For the same reason, if you are going out for a walk with your hairy make sure you wear your raincoat and avoid getting too wet so it does not smell so bad. It is advisable to bathe your hairy at least once a month so that the bacteria and microorganisms that cause the bad smell are eliminated.

2. Bad breath:
Another reason why your hairy can smell bad is because they have bad breath. If you perceive too strong a smell of your snout you may have an infection so it is advisable to take it to the veterinarian. Anyway, the ideal is to clean your hairy teeth every two or three days to keep it fresh breath.

3. Ear infection:
It is advisable to take care and clean the ears well as they can be prone to bad odors. There are wipes and products that can be used to clean the ears. This is more common in dogs with long ears and falls, that's why you have to be very careful with them and do a check as there are many bacteria or yeast infections that cause the bad smell.

4. Skin problems:
We must take care of all our dogs but there are specific breeds like Pekingese, Pug, Bulldog or Shar-Pei, which have folds in their skin. Failure to clean them properly can cause dermatitis or skin folds that cause bad odor. This is why you have to clean them with: wet wipes, bath them with specific products for your skin and, above all, dry them perfectly to avoid odors or humidity.

5. Gases:
If your hairy one produces a very strong odor when it comes to having gas, you have to check that you are not eating food that is not suitable for dogs or that you are having digestion problems. It is advisable to validate your diet with your veterinarian to help reduce gas.

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