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7 reasons why your dog makes you very lucky

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Posted on June 10 2018

Many people consider themselves lucky, but have you ever considered how lucky you are to have the dog you have? A dog is a living being with its own personality that offers a genuine relationship, and an honest and forever friendship. Know below 7 reasons why your dog makes you lucky at this hot summer.

By adopting a hairy child you accept the responsibility of caring, feeding and raising a living being. Just having a dog makes you a more responsible person.

Dogs and people speak two different languages. So it is necessary to communicate in other ways: through touch, gestures and the volume of the voice. This makes you more aware of how nonverbal cues and body language work in all communication.

Most people feel affection when seeing a dog, especially a puppy. When you go to the park, there is more likelihood that someone will come to talk to you if you are in the company of your dog. For which you should thank him for new friends you have thanks to him.

When your hairy one stops to sniff the roses or to enjoy an afternoon just curled up, it teaches you that you have to live in the moment. When you stop planning and worry for at least one minute you can enjoy life.

Your dog does not judge you, he always accepts you. Who cares what people think of you? After all, your hairy looks at you with love and admiration. Sometimes this is all you need, someone who trusted you blindly and sees you as a hero.

Dogs need recreational time. The more time you spend playing with them, the more you will realize that you also need playing time. Time in which you can forget about worries and concentrate on something that distracts you and entertains you.

And even more important, you learn to laugh at the obstacles that life puts in your way. When you see your hairy do things in a comical and sometimes strange way, you only have to laugh with him and help him. These furry friends make our day a little funnier and more fun.

Apart from these reasons your hairy gives you unconditional love. Always remember to be grateful to have this furry friend in your life.

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