7 signs that your dog has arthritis

Posted on July 05 2018

7 signs that your dog has arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments seen in adult dogs and older adults. Even younger dogs, in some cases, may suffer from arthritic problems. With arthritis changes are generated within the joints that cause discomfort and pain to dogs. This pain is responsible for some of these signs.
1. Lameness: Maybe you've seen on one occasion limping or supporting one leg more than another (one that does not hurt). This is most evident when your dog gets up and slows down as it warms up his body with movement.

2. Difficulty in movement: Your dog may become reluctant to do things that were easy for him to do before. For example, difficulty entering or leaving the car or going up and down stairs.

3. Difficulties in the spine: Arthritic problems can not only occur in the legs, but also in various parts of the spine. These problems can cause pain in the neck, an abnormal posture, back pain and lameness in one or both hind legs.

4. Fatigue : Fatigue is another sign of arthritis. In the case of your dog, the walks may be shorter or flatly interrupted. Also, if you get a comfortable position to sleep, it will be almost impossible to move from there.

5. Irritability: Animals with arthritis can become somewhat irritable. They may try to bite when you try to approach or manipulate them, especially if you touch any of the areas that cause them pain.

6. Muscular atrophy: Puppies with arthritis can develop muscle atrophy and even disintegration of muscle tissue due to inactivity and decreased use of muscles. To identify muscle atrophy, it is enough to compare the thickness of the legs. A leg with muscle atrophy will look thinner than a leg that does not.

7. Licking, Chewing and Biting: Dogs affected by arthritis can also begin to lick or bite areas of the body that are painful. In addition, the affected areas can become inflamed to the point of losing hair.

Treatment of arthritis for dogs
Although arthritis can not be cured, there are several resources that can help relieve your pet's pain. There are two options that we can recommend:

Supplements: Either in powder or tablets, these supplements that mostly include glucosamine, an ingredient that helps form the cartilage of the joints.

Food: Foods are special to help mobility and arthritis, they are ideal since each person who consumes the food helps them gradually, this does not replace any medication.

Any treatment that you want to give to your dog, you should consult it previously with the veterinarian.

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