7 things you should never say to someone with dogs

Posted on July 06 2018

7 things you should never say to someone with dogs

Some things are best not to say, no matter how well it sounds in your head before you say it out loud, there are some basic phrases you should never tell someone who has dogs.

That's why we bring you 7 comments that you definitely should never tell someone with dogs.

1. "You have dogs because you do not have children, right?"

Not only is it rude, but there are millions of people who enjoy both variables of children. Not having children does not make you less people. In fact, many many people feel blessed to have dogs in their lives.

2. "Do not let your dog get on the furniture"

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, almost half of dogs sleep with their owners in their bed. Allowing them to be close to you whether sitting on the sofa or curled up in bed watching movies creates a bond that only a person with dogs can experience.

3. "Having a dog has to leave you without a fifth; it costs you too much money "

Most of us who love dogs, we know that it involves an investment to have a puppy. Yes, investment, I do not spend. In return, we receive love, happiness, company and many more things from our dogs. Therefore, it is the decision of each one to assume that having a puppy implies giving him everything he needs to live.

4. "Oh, did your dog die? Well, get another and now! "

Again, it is somewhat insensitive to say this. Even though you have lost your puppy and you say to yourself "never again" I will have another dog, it is very likely that you will have it again. But it goes beyond. For many, listening to phrases like "Simply get another" is super sad. We do not replace people when they leave, so it is for many with their dogs. A life is irreplaceable, no matter what form it has (human or canine).

5. "That dog does not understand what you're saying"

I am one of those who talk to my dog. Raise your hand if you are one of the millions of humans you talk to your child. I do it while I wash the dishes, when we're shopping, when I get home and even when we're in the car. Maybe he does not understand "I need a new cell phone", but he knows my voice and responds with a tail shake and bowed head; or, maybe it does not answer anything either. Dogs are living beings, and it is a fact that much of what we say they understand.

6. "Do not let your dog kiss you"

The answer to this comment is summarized in: My mouth, my face, my dog ​​and my life. And if you think it's a rude answer, not at all. Take it literal, those are the reasons why my dog's kisses are allowed.

Sure many will understand what I'm talking about.

7. "Sure, you can come whenever you want ... but your dog does not."

This phrase has surely heard many times, and mostly decline an invitation. We know that dogs are not allowed everywhere, we do not even dream that happens. But we also know that if we invest in the education and training of our dogs there are places to which we would like to take them. We are also aware that we will not take the dog to a funeral or an awards ceremony.

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