7 things you should not do to your dog

Posted on June 13 2018

7 things you should not do to your dog

Sometimes as people with children we do things that we do not know that damage or hurt our hairy. We show you a list of things you should avoid or improve to give your furry a happier life

1. Do not neglect your dog's teeth
Although brushing teeth daily is advised for dogs, only 2% of owners do so. Your hairy teeth should be checked by a veterinarian at least once a year. You can clean them easily using pastes, brushes and prizes made especially to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Remember that you should never use human paste since it contains chemicals that can affect your hairy because instead of spitting he would eat the pasta.

2. Do not leave your dog alone in the car
Even when the weather is relatively cool, a car can heat up quickly and if left for too long, a dog can even die. Apart from the fact that weather is a problem, a dog alone in a car is a temptation for thieves. So try to avoid leaving your furry alone in a car when you are not.

3. Do not leave your dog chained all his life
It is perfectly acceptable to have your furry chained to enjoy the outdoors for a period of time, while the weather is acceptable and the dog is supervised. And as long as
the strap, and the collar or bib does not hurt them. Your hairy needs human interaction and stimulation to be part of a family. Use bars to separate rooms or cages for bedtime and avoid having it chained all the time.

4. Do not stop taking it to the veterinarian
This may sound logical, but there are some people who believe they can self-diagnose their furry's health problems and not seek veterinary care. It is very good to keep informed about the hygiene and health of dogs, but if a dog acts out of the ordinary or there are symptoms of illness, veterinary attention is of the utmost importance.

5. Never hit your dog
Hitting a dog as a form of punishment, no matter how bad his behavior is, or worse, hitting him for fun is wrong. It damages the relationship with your dog and prevents proper training. When you hit a dog, you teach it to fear you, it breaks your confidence and weakens the bond between the dog and its owner.

6. Do not use your cage as a punishment area
If a dog behaves badly, putting it in a cage is not the correct answer. When the cage is used as a form of punishment, we teach the cage a bad place, a place of punishment, instead of a safe haven. What we need to do is that the moments in the cage are positive experiences so that when it is necessary to take it out in its cage, even if it is for a trip, it is going to be related to something negative.

7. Do not ignore your dog's feelings 

Dogs feel, have emotions and understand emotions. Recent scientific studies have shown that dogs experience love as human beings and can read human emotions based on facial and body expressions. Dogs have the ability to love, feel, become depressed and excited.

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