8 facts about your dog's ears

Posted on June 19 2018

8 facts about your dog's ears

Unlike the ears of humans, the ears of your furry are a main feature of your dog's head. There are dog ears of all shapes and sizes. Some are covered with hair on the inside and outside, while others have only a thin layer of fur. There is a lot of data about your ears but we show you some that can be used to learn a little more about them.

Dogs have around 18 muscles in each ear. The exact number depends on the race. That is why they are able to rotate, tilt, raise or lower them. They are also able to move each ear independently.

Dogs move their ears not only to hear better, but also to express emotions. The position of your furry ears can show how you feel from one moment to the next.
a. If they are upright and look forward, they are attentive.
b. If they are a little withdrawn, they feel friendly and playful.
c. However, if dog's ears are nestled against your head, dog probably feel fearful or shy

The ear is linked to the balance of dog hairy, and in fact, infections of the inner ear are a frequent cause of loss of balance. Avoid this by keeping dog ears always clean with specialized wipes.

Some signs of infection in the ears of your furry can be: irritation or inflammation, constant scratching and shaking of ears, discharges of the ear canal, loss of hair in the ears or around them, walking continuously in circles, and bad smell in ears. Remember to always be attentive and keep dog's hatred clean. If dog's ears get otitis remember to consult your veterinarian and use specialized otic suspension for dogs.

The canine ear canal is "L" shaped. It is vertical towards the jaw, then takes a 45 degree turn horizontally towards the eardrum. This structure is one of the reasons why dogs are prone to a variety of ear problems.

Puppies are born deaf because their auditory canals are still closed. They begin to hear when they are a few weeks old, depending on the race.

To clean the ears you should never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or anything else with chemical substances, most likely your hairy will try to cleanse afterwards and end up ingesting these products. Make sure you do not use cotton swabs on your hairy's ear canals. It is more advisable to use specialized wipes.

Domestic dogs hear at much higher frequencies than people, although not as tall as cats. Some human ears do not hear sounds that dogs can hear very clearly.

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