Activities to do with your dog in the summer

Posted on April 11 2018

Activities to do with your dog in the summer

The best time of the year to live life is summer and if you have a dog it is much better, because with it you can do many outdoor activities and have a really good time. However, you should keep in mind that when the temperature is very high, it is best to stay in the house with the air conditioning or the fan near it.

Eat outdoors.

There are many restaurants around the city with terraces, patios or gardens that are dog friendly , that is, they welcome the dogs. Therefore, find out about them on the internet or consult, since they are created exclusively to take them there and they even have food and water available. However, never take it to a restaurant if the manners of your pet are not correct. Educate to behave and not bother anyone. Always carry it with its corresponding strap.

Go to the beach.

Try to take it with you when you go to the beach and encourage them to enter the water so they do not fear it. If it is a puppy it is much better, since the animal will get used to it and as an adult it will love it. Put on a life jacket and watch it. Keep in mind that each beach has its own rules and therefore some only allow pets in the off season and others throughout the year. Get well informed

Take him out for a walk.

When the weather is beautiful, what better way to go for a walk with the dog so that you get a good mood and energy. There are many spacious parks and others with designated hours so that the animal does not have to be with the leash attached to you. Therefore, go enjoy together and use funny commands to educate while you are active.


One of the games that most appeals to pets is the tug of war with the rope, the frisbee and throwing the ball to bring it to you. Take some to have fun together and exercise.

Travel together.

If you are going to take a short or long car trip, take it to clear it. Attach it to the exclusive seat belt for him and stop when you can so he can go to the bathroom.

Fight for some cause.

Every year, charity walks are carried out in several cities of the world, either to demonstrate support to victims of cancer, AIDS, etc. Find out if you can take your dog and leave together for a good cause.

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