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Adapt to the aging of the dog

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Posted on October 07 2018

Being alert to the signs of aging of your dog helps keep it healthy longer. Find out how to know when your pet enters the senior years .

All animals do not age at the same rate or in the same way. In dogs, it varies a lot depending on the size and the breed . So we suggest you learn to detect the signs that show that your dog is getting older and react in the right way.

Age varies according to the dogs

Everyone knows that to know the real age of a dog, you have to multiply your number of years of life by the number 7. What we do not know is that this number has finally little importance, because the beginning of old age varies from dog to dog. Other elements are indeed to take into account, such as its size (size and weight), race and lifestyle, to identify its exact physical and psychic conditions.

Thus, large dogs live on average 11 years, while smaller canine companions can expect to reach 18 years. Bitches that have had many little ones, doggies that work (police olfactory brigade, guide dogs ...), and those who have been abused, develop pathologies of old age more quickly . Whatever it is, as soon as a dog reaches the age of 6, it is therefore necessary to begin to pay attention to his signs of old age.

The signs are unmistakable

There are several signs that your dog's health is declining because of his age.

Physical signs:

  • A lack of tone and difficulty in providing prolonged efforts. Cough and shortness of breath
  • An advanced deafness : the dog no longer responds to his name and the words he knows.
  • An opaque lens (eye) and difficulties to see : it happens that it bumps.
  • A duller appearance : white hairs, finer or missing in places. Tumors apparent.
  • A lack of appetite and weight loss, or on the contrary, a strong weight gain.
  • A renal failure and / or intestinal disorders (diarrhea, constipation, incontinence ...).

Psychological signs:

  • A drop of enthusiasm compared to what made him happy once (the games, his masters ...).
  • A lack of responsiveness and a tendency to become homebody.
  • A disorientation in the places he knows.
  • The barking and whining nuisance unexplained.

Respond appropriately

The most important thing is not to disturb the animal that is already disoriented in this phase of life where it is weakened. It should also be arranged a quiet and comfortable , his own, in his home, while keeping him close to him, so that he does not feel rejected.

When several signs of old age appear, it is advisable to bring his dog to the vet , so that it ensures that it does not develop serious pathologies due to age. If this is not the case, some alternative medicines , such as homeopathy and herbal medicine, will bring him more well-being.

Finally, as a master, you have to adapt to your aging dog . We slow down the walks: we reduce the number and the pace. It is worn on climbs and stairs. We take special care of his physique and his health: we clean it, we check the absence of tumors ... We make sure he drinks properly we offer him a suitable dog food for the elderly.

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