Adopt a cat at a private house: the precautions to take

Posted on December 09 2018

Adopt a cat at a private house: the precautions to take

You have several possibilities to adopt a cat. You go into a refusal like the SPA, go through a professional breeder, and thus adopt a cat LOOF (cat breed), or even go through a particular. Whether he is a friend or cross seller on the internet or on advice from your veterinarian, you must take every precaution to be sure to adopt a cat that meets your expectations.

In any case, you should not adopt a kitten until the end of its first 12 weeks of life. The time for him to be weaned and take his independence. He will be more balanced and educated. Otherwise, you may encounter behavioral problemssuch as hyperattachment or aggression.

Why adopt by an individual?

This is the easiest solution , and surely the least expensive . Today, it is possible to adopt a cat by going on the internet thanks to free advertising sites. Many cats are waiting to find a future owner. You can also go through knowledge. Finally, a veterinarian can inform you.

The benefits of going through a particular

  • You are dealing with a friend, a friend of a friend. So you can trust the person.
  • The price is often ridiculous when it exists. Most of the time, so you adopt free your cat or kitten. Unless the owner you are buying the cat is asking you to reimburse the price of vaccines , deworming and first aid. In this case, do it, it is a good indicator of the care of the animal from an early age.
  • Who says special says a natural person close to you. Even via the internet, you must meet physically later to see your future cat. In fact, do not just adopt a cat with confidence, even if you can do it. You must focus on checking the environment in which your cat has cradled since birth, his toys, his diet. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller. This will allow you to know all the essential elements for the good life of your cat.

The disadvantages of going through a particular

  • Identification by means of a microchip or a tattoo is not always done. It is an obligation.
  • The vaccines have not been done or are not updated. Do not hesitate to refuse a cat in this situation. This is not a guarantee of good health for the future. Especially that you will have to pay all these expenses, which represents several hundred euros.
  • An unscrupulous owner may try to make money on the back of a cat recovered on the street or from abroad. Thus, you must check the living conditions of the animal before any purchase.
  • You do not collect a purebred cat, only gutter cats . Indeed, an individual can not request the LOOF pedigree.

In summary

Adopting a cat at a private home is the simplest and least expensive solution . However, the origin of your cat remains uncertain , even if you are dealing with people you trust. His identity must be carried out, his vaccines updated and his general condition be good . You must check his place of life and his habits. The attention must be more important than going through a professional breeder, where the price will be higher, but where the quality of your cat and the correspondence with your expectations will be better.

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