Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Dogs Feeders

Posted on March 28 2018

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Dogs Feeders

The day-to-day bustle makes us more distracted than usual. That if work, home, food, children ..., everything becomes a real lack of control. That is why many people choose to place automatic feeders for dogs since we all want our best four-legged friends to feed correctly. The automatic feeders facilitate the task day by day.

In addition to choosing a quality feed that suits your size, your age and your physical activity, it is also important to choose the right feeder. We have said that automatic dog feeders help keep dogs healthy and well fed, but they also have their disadvantages, not everything will be advantages.

Advantages of automatic dog feeders

The automatic feeders are very practical because you just have to fill them and program them so that the dog can eat when his time comes, even if we are not at home at those times, which usually happens during work time. But that is not the only advantage we can find in these feeders. Let's see them all.

You control the exact amount your dog eats
One of the great advantages of having an automatic feeder is that it is perfectly controlled the amount of feed that the dog eats. At the time of programming you will have to put how much you want to leave, so you will know what your pet eats.

It is true that this can also be controlled thinking about the feed, but, like it or not, we often go in a hurry and take it by eye, which is not advisable. The dog should eat the amount indicated by the veterinarian, no more, no less.

The food is kept fresh and free of contaminants
If we leave the food outdoors it is vented, that is, it gives it air. This causes several disadvantages:

1,The first is that the feed becomes soft and the dogs will no longer want it to have a very different texture and flavor.
2,The second drawback is that it can be contaminated by being in contact with the air. Insects and other bugs can leave in the animal's food excrements and even eggs, which is not healthy for the dog.
3,The third and last drawback, which is related to the previous ones, is that the dog can get sick by eating food in poor condition.

Binge eating is avoided
The automatic feeders for dogs have a button that makes the food come out, a button that even the dogs themselves can press. The simple fact of having the food always at your disposal means that dogs do not have the need to eat everything that is put in the feeding trough, that is, they tend to avoid binge eating that is so bad for them.

Also, by having to activate them themselves, in some cases, of course, they are mentally stimulated. This stimulation makes your mind work much faster and agile.

Disadvantages of automatic dog feeders

Obviously not everything was going to be advantages. Having an automatic dog feeder also has the odd disadvantage that we must know first hand to decide if we want it for our dogs or not.

It is more expensive
The automatic feeder has a higher price than the conventional feeder. This is because the automatic carries a system of advanced technology that the conventional does not need to not be an automatic food dispenser. This extra makes the price to pay more expensive.

You have to be aware of the battery
Unlike conventional feeders, automatic dog feeders work with a rechargeable battery or batteries. What does this mean? That we have to be attentive to the charge that the battery has so that the furry four-legged does not run out of food. If we are at home, there is no problem, since we can solve it at the moment, but if we have left we will not be able to do it, so the dog will run out of feed.

They are more likely to break down
Obviously, a conventional feeder will not suffer any type of damage because we are the ones who have to fill the bowl. On the other hand, the automatic feeder can break down, which means that we will have to change it for another one or look for the solution to the fault that has been generated.

In this situation it happens as in the previous one, that is, if we are at home and the trough does not throw food, nothing happens, since we can do it ourselves. But if we do not find ourselves at home at that time, the problem can get worse because the dog will not have his daily food ration. This will cause hunger and even stress since you will see the food but will not be able to eat it.

These are the most important advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration when purchasing an automatic dog feeder. It is true that it is much more comfortable, more hygienic and cleaner, but we must also take into account those drawbacks that this type of containers can generate.

Be that as it may, make sure your dog has his daily dose of food, be it feed or natural foods. The fact of not eating makes them nervous and stressed. Also, if they do not eat at home they will look for food while they are out for a walk. Never forget the feeder.

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