Attentions when Buying a dog from a breeder

Posted on October 06 2018

Attentions when Buying a dog from a breeder

You have chosen the breed of dog that suits you, just find the right dog. To find it, you will have to find a good refuge or a competent and responsible animal breeder.

To find these breeders, you will be able to go to the places of dog competitions. These events are  meeting places for  breeders and owners, from  which you can gather a number of very useful information.

Find the right dog breeder

To find breeders, you can go to the places of dog competitions. These events are meeting places for breeders and owners, from which you can gather a number of very useful information.

To recognize a good breeder , you need to pay attention to a number of parameters. Good breeders have clean premises where dogs look happy. To verify this, it implies that you will have to go to the place of life of your future dog at the time of purchase.

Once on the scene, the judgment will be done in both directions. As a future owner, you will want to be sure of the breeder's credentials and conversely the breeder will make sure that you will provide a pleasant home for the animal. He will ask you questions about your daily life and your personality to assess your ability to take care of a dog .

Do not take it badly, this breeder is like you: he does not know you. He too wants the good of your future companion and is entitled to ask you questions.

How to recognize a bad breeder?

In general, poor breeders have not offered puppies the necessary veterinary care, such as vaccination . Moreover, they have not been educated properly . Finally, small balls of hair may have genetic defects .

To overcome any unpleasant surprises, avoid breeders who:

  • do not care about you
  • have gaps in their knowledge of race
  • are not members of a kennel club
  • do not have in their possession a health record made by a veterinarian.

Good questions to ask a breeder

You have finally found a good breeder, you are ready to go to the purchase of your puppy , but to clear all doubts, here are the big questions to ask him before taking the plunge:

  1. Ask him about the reasons for his passion for the canine world . Does he do obedience training in addition to breeding?
  2. Is he a breeder of one and the same race?
  3. How many litters does it make each year ( nb: a good breeder never makes more than one litter per dog per year )?
  4. Under what conditions was the range raised? With other animals or not? This will give you hints on the sociability of your dog.
  5. Does he offer you dog tracking  ? Good breeders often give advice and support , especially at the beginning!
  6. Has he controlled the health of dogs to detect genetic problems related to the breed?

Adopt a dog in a shelter, good reflexes ...

If you opt for adoption in a shelter rather than a breeder, the choice is even more complex since you will find puppies of all breeds. To ensure that the shelter is of quality, check that it has:

  • the pens clean and sheltered areas where dogs can sleep
  • of green spaces in which animals can romp
  • a competent and attentive staff.

As breeders, they should ask you questions about your lifestyle to determine which dog will suit you best and if you are made for that companion.

Latest practical tips after the purchase

After acquiring a puppy, always ask the breeder for a puppy's birth certificate if it is a purebred dog and / or veterinary certificate before the assignment of a dog . This certificate is made by a veterinarian for any sale or free adoption of a dog by a professional. This document contains a lot of details about the origins of the dog, his identity and that of his breeder and his medical follow-up.

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