Automatic feeding way allows cats to trust you more

Posted on April 14 2018

Automatic feeding way allows cats to trust you more

Many people start to raise cats and choose to start raising kittens. Because it is the easiest way to develop relationships with them by accompanying them when they are born .Taking care of them will make them feel dependent on you. So let's take a look at how we can take care of the kittens.

The first day to bring the kitten back is to take the kitten know their toilet, every half an hour of time, Cat litter can be placed in the cat's basin to prevent the cat from adapting to the environment.The kitten may not stop calling when he arrives in an environment. At this time, the owner will give the cat more caress and can eliminate the fear of the cat as soon as possible.

It is important to feed the cats at a fixed time each day so that good eating habits can be established and the cats can have normal regular routines.Don’t think about feeding them. It’s very bad for them.The cat's food intake should also be fixed. To catch the cat's appetite, they must not be over-fed or allowed to remain hungry. Usually, the cat will increase its food intake with age when it is three or four months old. Eight Month has stabilized.

Select milk powder above the cat is suitable for drinking sheep milk powder, can not give kittens to drink milk, many kittens lack of enzymes that absorb milk in the stomach, feeding milk to them will lead to indigestion, and can not scare it when the cat eats, this may It will cause them to be anorexia.

A perfect pet deserves a perfectly portioned meal!As a owner you want your cats to be healthy,Get your precious cat on a consistent dietary plan with the innovative Automatic Pet Feeder.Automatic feeding way that makes it easy to feed your pet on time. Stop worrying about who fed the cat or whether your cat will get fed on time. Your pet will get just the right amount of food right on time, no matter how busy your daily schedule is.

WOpet 7L Timer Programmable Feeder



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