Basic accessories to travel with your pet

Posted on March 31 2018

Basic accessories to travel with your pet

An incredible vacation with your pet! Currently, there are Pet Friendly destinations, those places with infinite options of hotels, restaurants, parks and beaches, where your partner and 4-legged friend can also enjoy those days of vacation.

If you decide to travel with your pet, it is important that you organize your travel kit. Just as you plan everything for that next adventure, you should also consider having the basic travel accessories for your pet.

Next, we recommend some accessories that you should not miss for a trip with your pet:

  • Treat Pouch Sport

It is a practical bag with different compartments so that you can store your dog's favorite prizes without getting upset.

  • Sipper Travel Plate

This dish fits in your pocket and serves to place food and water.

  • Kar 9 Mat Lift Mat

It is a soft blanket that you can add to baskets or beds, or simply use it to house.

  • Pet Fashion Transporter

Transportadora comfortable and safe. It is approved by the airlines when fulfilling its requirements.

  • Flexi-bowl

It is an original and strong dish for your dog.

  • Flexi New Classic (Cord)

The strap is adjusted to prevent it from hanging. You just have to press the braking button.

  • Goodie Bone Extreme

Always consider taking a toy that can bite. The Kong Bone, is sturdy and has compartments to store your favorite prizes.

  • Calming:

Many times pets get stressed at the time of travel. Help them handle the situation with tranquilizing products or accessories

  • Adaptil Collar : Adaptil products serve to reassure your pet. If you do not want your pet to eat something during the trip, put this collar on to keep it calm. 
  • Relax Treats : Nupec relaxing rewards help manage your dog's anxiety and stress.

Ready? Grab your bags and enjoy your vacation!

Note: Never leave it without identification plate.

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