Basics for traveling with your dog by plane

Posted on March 31 2018

Basics for traveling with your dog by plane

Are you planning to travel with your dog by plane?

Do you know what you need and the whole process you need to do?

Here we leave a list of 5 things that you must take into account so that both you take your dog are prepared and enjoy the trip a lot.

1. Investigate all the necessary paperwork in the destination place
Whether you are traveling in a national or international destination, it is important that before anything else, you investigate the requirements for your dog to travel, what is the necessary paperwork and, in case it is a vacation, that the hotel or house where you will stay pet friendly, so you will avoid surprises at the mere hour and the trip will be more friendly for everyone. Each country has different regulations and if you ignore it, you risk having your dog quarantined.

2. Check with the airline the requirements to travel with your dog
Same case, each airline has different policies. There are some where dogs can not travel and there are even others that do not allow certain breeds of dogs (such as pugs or other flat-snouted dogs because they have difficulty breathing). Also find out what papers they ask for and how you need to prepare your dog to travel with them.

3. Make sure you are in good health
So be a short flight, it never hurts your vet to check that your dog is perfect before traveling. Complete vaccines, dewormed, if it is female, that is not pregnant and it is also important that it is clean and free of fleas.

4. Get all the necessary equipment
Unless your dog is of service or emotional support, your dog must travel on a conveyor . Investigate which are approved by airlines and also make sure that your dog has a plate with updated data, a drinker and anything else that should go with it as medicines or food, depending on the duration of the flight.

5. Prepare your dog
It is very important that you prepare your dog before boarding an airplane. They almost always get upset and get very nervous. We recommend you to accustom him to the transporter days before the trip and give him a product that helps to control the anxiety of your pet .

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