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Basics of Dog Breed : Akita Inu

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Posted on September 19 2018

The Akita Inu is a majestic dog, robust constitution and strong character. Spitz type, it is large and well proportioned. This dog seduces with its plush appearance and the great serenity it gives off.

Breed Information:

Origin: Japan
FCI Group: Spitz and primitive type dogs
FCI number: 255
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Round

Race history

The Akita Inu breed is native to Akita Province, Japan . In the Middle Ages, the ancestor of this dog, although small at the time, was used for hunting big game (bear in particular). Following the crossings made in the nineteenth century, its size increased and two distinct lines were thus created: Dewa (Akita American) and Ichinoseki (Akita Inu). Since 1931, it enjoys great consideration in Japan since it is part of the national heritage to preserve.

Physical characteristics

Its hair  : short and hard enough, the density of the undercoat isolates it perfectly while the hair of cover, well supplied with the withers and the rump, protects it from the bad weather. 
Its color  : a dress generally composed of red fawn, white, brindle, but more rarely sesame (hairs red-fawn with black tips). 
Her head  : well proportioned to the body, she has a broad forehead. The base of the muzzle, broad, is decreasing, but does not end in point. 
His ears  : triangular, small and thick. Slightly rounded to point, they are erect and inclined forward. 
His eyes  : quite small and almond (almost triangular), very dark brown. 
His body : a compact silhouette with a beautiful musculature, a straight back, solid and a well raised belly. Females are longer in body than males. 
Her tail  : thick, she is carried high and she is constantly wrapped on the back, like an ellipse.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 28 kg and 34 kg Between 58 cm and 64 cm
Male Between 32 kg and 40 kg Between 64 cm and 70 cm

An Akita Inu dog is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

Very sociable, the Akita Inu is very affectionate with the intimates . Distrustful of strangers , this makes it an excellent watchdog . Although he shows some independence, he likes the human presence. Well educated, he loves the company of children and shows great patience with them. Calm, docile and receptive, he only barks when necessary. Gifted with a good intelligence, he quickly understands what is asked of him.


Very pleasant to live with , this dog has a strong character , which is why a good education is necessary. Like all his congeners, he must know from the outset who is the master. Well educated, he is very clean and easy going.


Although it is a robust dog breed, there are two autoimmune diseases that can affect it: sebaceous adenitis(skin disease, hair loss) and  VKH (depigmentation of the skin, inflammation of the skin). eye and brain). As there are still no preventive tests at the moment, it is important to check the pedigrees of the line before choosing a dog.

Maintenance & Hygiene


Akita Inu requires little maintenance , it can be brushed once or twice a week . Since it is clean and elegant in nature , an annual bath is enough. During moulting, in the fall and in the spring , it loses its hair and undercoat, in the form of tufts that can be easily removed by hand. During the three or four weeks of moulting, it is therefore necessary to brush daily.


He is  known to be very clean , because he makes his toilet a bit like a cat. Even for his needs, he takes all the time necessary to choose the appropriate place. Vaccination is essential in this breed: rabies epidemics have nearly decimated it in the past.

Physical activity

The Akita Inu loves walking and can easily accompany you on your bike rides or during jogging. It  has to be released daily  and supports all types of weather. But it is also suitable for non-athletes since it likes to stay in contact with the human being.

Living conditions

The Akita Inu is very suitable for living in the countryside or in the city , in house or apartment. It is a dog known for his calmness that will not always bore when he finds himself alone. Very discreet , it does not take much space and can lie down quietly in a corner of the room while keeping an eye open on the surroundings.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 1000 € 1500 €

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