Basics of Dog Breed : American Bulldog

Posted on September 28 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a medium sized molossoid dog. Powerful, compact and athletic, it has a well-developed frame and musculature. There are 2 types of American Bulldogs. The first, called Bully, is stockier, has a shorter snout and a well marked stop. The second, called Standard, is higher on legs and slimmer, while remaining massive. His muzzle is also longer. Nowadays, the majority of dogs are hybrids. In other words, crosses of the two types Bully and Standard.

Breed Information:

Other names: American Bulldog
Origin:  United States
FCI Group: Unrecognized
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

The American Bulldog descended from the "Old English Working Bulldog" , formerly used by the British for the management of herds of cattle and the guard. Several of the English migrants who arrived in the United States brought their working dogs with them. It is precisely in the United States, and especially in the southeastern states of the country (Georgia, Alabama, Florida), that the most powerful and most athletic specimens have been chosen over the selections to give rise to the race as we know it today. 

John D. Johnson has developed the Bully type , while Allan Scott is at the origin of the Standard type . The first dogs of the American Bulldog breed were registered by the National Kennel Club in 1970. At the time, they were called American Pit Bulldog. They then received the American Bulldog name to no longer confuse them with the Pitbull . The breed of the American Bulldog has not yet been recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. In France, the French Club of the American Bulldog was created in 1999.

Physical characteristics

His hair: hard, very short, practically flush. 
Its color: white, with or without colored marks, or united with white markings. 
His head: big, wide and powerful. The stop is well marked, especially at Bully type. 
His ears: medium in size, tied rather low, well spread and folded on the sides. 
His eyes: small, dark color. 
His body: massive, but harmonious. The neck is strong, the chest broad and powerful, the back straight and the croup oblique. 
Tail: strong at its attachment, tapering to the tip, hanging at rest and carried above the back line when the dog is active.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 30 kg and 45 kg Between 53 cm and 62 cm
Male Between 35 kg and 55 kg Between 57 cm and 67 cm

A dog of the Bulldog American breed is classified in the category of large dogs .

Behavior and character

The American Bulldog  is a dog carved for work with his intelligence , power and activity, but it also proves to be a great companion for the whole family , even for children. More docile than many other molossoids, he is loyal and devoted to his master. The American Bulldog is far more reserved and even suspicious of foreigners . Vigilant and courageous, he ensures perfectly the guard of the house, without being unnecessarily aggressive. As a family, he is jovial, playful and expressive . It is, moreover, characterized by a tendency to want to dominate the congeners, especially in male subjects.


It is essential to establish very early the  sense of hierarchy  in this dog. The master must be the leader of the pack by being firm, but fair. The American Bulldog must also be  socialized early in  order to mitigate his bellicose temperament towards his fellow men of the same sex.


The American Bulldog is a dog overall robust and resistant . However, the breed has predispositions to certain diseases, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hernias .

Maintenance & Hygiene


The American Bulldog remains subject to a slight moult , and therefore losses of hair just as moderate. Its maintenance is not complicated , but it must not be neglected at the risk of exposing the dog to the risk of infections.


It is recommended to  brush the dog with a soft brush  once a week to maintain the cleanliness and the health of his hair and his skin.

Physical activity

The American Bulldog is a  great sportsman , an active dog who needs a lot of exercise everyday, in addition to his long walks.

Living conditions

Dog built for work and activity , the American Bulldog is not really made for living in an apartment , even if he appreciates the warmth of the home and his family. He speaks to people who are available and know how to educate him firmly.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 800 € 1300 €

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