Basics of Dog Breed: Australian Kelpie

Posted on April 18 2019

Basics of Dog Breed: Australian Kelpie-WOPET

Kelpie is a medium-sized sheepdog with a dry and toned musculature, not lacking substance and characterized by very flexible limbs. Longer than high, it has a head that looks like the fox.

Race history

The Kelpie breed was developed by Australian sheep farmers in New South Wales who had large herds and ranged over vast territories. They needed a dog that could handle such flocks on such large plots. They also sought resistance to the harsh weather characterizing this region, the ability to work on difficult terrain and endurance. Qualities that Kelpie has always been able to show to the shepherds.

As for its distant origins, it seems that it descends from dogs brought by Scots in Australian soil. It is probably from a cross between the short-haired Collie and the Dingo (wild dog of Australia). The Kelpie breed was definitively recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on September 3, 1973.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: short, tight, hard, lying flat, longer on the tail, around the neck (collar), under Its body and back of the limbs, forming a kind of panties near the thigh. Shorter on the head and anterior part of the limbs. The coat is associated with a dense and short undercoat.
Its color: unicolor (black, red, fawn, chocolate and blue smoke) or two-colored (black and fire or red and fire).
Its head: proportionate to the size of the body, producing an expression close to that of the fox. The skull is slightly rounded and wide. The stop is pronounced. The color of the truffle is in keeping with that of the dress, the muzzle is clearly drawn, the lips are tight and the cheeks are rounded.
Its ears :well spaced, of moderate length, erect, ending in fine points.
Its eyes: medium-sized, almond-shaped, with well-defined commissures, brown in color with that of the dress, displaying an intelligent and lively expression.
Its body: writable in a rectangle, of length greater than the height at the withers. The upper line is firm and horizontal, the kidney strong and musculature well developed, the flanks well down, the rump rather long and sloping, the breast higher than wide and the ribs well arched.
Its tail: pendulous and slightly curved at rest, worn higher when the dog is awake, but without exceeding the level of its attachment. Covered with a well-stocked hair (brush).

Behavior with others

Kelpie is an energetic and very active dog . An indefatigable worker, animated by an extraordinary spirit, independent, faithful and devoted , he is a first choice partner for sheep breeders, whose flocks he keeps and guides with natural ease. As a family, he is  gentle and obedient . Kelpie is also used as a show dog.


Known as  easy to educate , Kelpie loves to learn and  constantly strives to please her master . As long as his education and socialization are undertaken from an early age, he can only be a balanced dog and pleasant company. It is essential to apprehend it with a good balance between firmness and softness.

Living conditions

Kelpie is made to live in large spaces  and must enjoy a lot of freedom. A house with a fenced garden with the possibility of being  frequently and long walk will  suit it perfectly. It will be more difficult to adapt to living in an apartment.


Kelpie is a rustic dog, robust and very resistant . Thanks to its double hair, it tolerates the roughness of the climate quite well. There is  no particular predisposition  to any disease in this breed.

Maintenance and hygiene

Kelpie remains subject to 2 seasonal moults giving rise to significant hair loss. For the rest, it is a dog very easy to maintain and which requires only the basic care, but regular

It is recommended to  brush the dog 1 to 2 times a week  outside moulting period. During the latter, brushing becomes daily to rid her dress of many dead hair.

Physical activity

Kelpie is an essentially active dog. He  needs to work hard , to express his willingness to work on his flexibility . In addition to long daily walks, it is recommended to allow him to engage in agility or obedience activities.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Kelpie is between 700€ and 900€.

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