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Basics of Dog Breed : Austrian Black and Tan Hound

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Posted on September 27 2018

Breed Information:

Other names: Black and Fire Brachet, Austrian Running Dog, Austrian Hound, Brandlbracke
Origin: Austria
FCI Group: Common Dogs, Blood Dogs and Related Breeds
FCI number: 63
Longevity: 13 years
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a dog of very old origin . His most likely ancestor would be the Keltenbracke, a race of Celtic Braques long appreciated by hunters from northern Europe. The breed of the Austrian Black and Fire Brachet was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on September 3, 1954. Its official FCI standard in force was published on October 10, 1995.

Physical characteristics

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a common and medium-sized dog. Solidly built, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound is characterized by an elongated silhouette giving an impression of great flexibility. The color of her dress evokes those of Dobermann , Rottweiler , Pinscher , Beauceron or Setter Gordon . His hair: short (its length is about 2 cm), smooth, well lying, dense, supple and tight, with a brilliant reflection. Its color: black with some marks fire (fawn clear to dark) clearly drawn. Brands fire above the eyes.  

His head: elongated, giving an impression of sweetness. The skull is rather broad and the occipital region is not very marked. The truffle is black and the muzzle is elongated and strong. 
His ears: medium long, wide but not overly, tied high, ending in rounded and pendulous. 
His eyes: dark brown, producing a frank and soft look. 
His body: elongated, elastic. The neck is medium in length and very strong, the tourniquet well marked, the back long, the kidney a little raised, the rump slightly inclined, the chest wide and well down. 
Its tail : long, with a coarse hair forming a bump on its inner side, slightly curved and tapering gradually, hanging when the dog is at rest.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 19 kg and 21 kg Between 48 cm and 54 cm
Male Between 19 kg and 21 kg Between 50 cm and 56 cm

An Austrian Brachet dog, black and fire, is classified as a medium-sized dog .

Behavior and character

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a dog with a pleasant temperament . He is lively, attentive, reserved, but attached to his master . In hunting , he shows a remarkable determination and confidencewhen he follows the game (especially the hare) by relying on its extremely fine flair. 

Education ...
Relatively non-obedient , the Austrian Brachet Black and Fire requires a firm and early education , but without a balance of power. He must also and especially be introduced to the recall at a young age .


The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a dog with robust health. There is no particular predisposition to any disease in this breed. Most of the health problems of this dog are mainly incidents during the hunt : injuries, heat stroke, etc. In addition, the inside of its hanging ears should be closely monitored to prevent infections and ear infections.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The maintenance of the Austrian Black and Tan Hound is not particularly binding . His short hair is quite simple to treat , but it must be regularly to preserve its cleanliness and characteristic silky appearance. The loss of hair is moderate , but it is regular. It may therefore be found frequently on soils.  

Outings ...
The Austrian Black and Tan Hound needs a lot of exercise to get busy. Developed for hunting , this breed must indeed be able to evolve freely over large areas . Simple and short walks can not satisfy him in this respect. It is recommended to take it out at least twice a day and over long distances. 

Hygiene ...
The brushing of Austrian Black and Tan Hound is to perform 1 to 2 times a week to remove dead hair and make it shiny coat.

Living conditions

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a hunting dog above all . As such, he claims a lot of freedom and activity . It is therefore aimed at experienced teachers and available enough to offer him frequent exercise.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 400 € 800 €

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