Basics of Dog Breed : Auvergne pointer

Posted on September 29 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Auvergne pointer

The Auvergne pointer is a dog with a harmonious and light-weight silhouette that gives it a great elegance.

Breed Information:

Origin:  France
FCI Group: Stop dogs
FCI number: 180
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

As its name suggests, the Auvergne pointer originates from the region of the volcanic massif of Cantal . It is, indeed, in Auvergne that the race as we know it today has been developed and stabilized. Encountered for more than 200 years in this corner of France, the Auvergne pointer is the fruit of important selections through which the qualities of hunting have been particularly highlighted. The Braque d'Auvergne breed was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on June 30, 1955.

Physical characteristics

Her hair: short and shiny 
Her color: black to white speckled or gray. 
His head: long and proportionate to the waist. The brow bone is well pronounced and the stop moderately marked. 
Its ears: soft, slightly silky texture, slightly rounded tip and attached back. 
His eyes are quite large, oval in shape, dark hazel in color, expressive and friendly. 
His body: harmoniously built. The neck is rather long as long as the head. The top line is rectilinear, the withers marked, the back narrow. The chest is long and well down. 
Its tail : attachment rather high, carried horizontally, relatively thick, reaching the tip of the hock without going beyond.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 17 kg and 25 kg Between 53 cm and 59 cm
Male Between 26 kg and 30 kg Between 57 cm and 63 cm

An Auvergne pointer dog breeds in the category of large dogs .

Behavior and character

While most hunting dogs are considered less affectionate and docile than others, the Auvergne pointer is clearly one of the exceptions to this rule. This dog is distinguished, in fact, by his tenderness , his great attachment to his masters and his family, as well as his obedience . He gets along pretty well with children , his peers and other animals in general. The Braque d'Auvergne is also and above all worth his qualities of dog . In hunting action, he displays his well-developed sense of smell and his remarkable endurance, since he is able to cover very large distances.


As for any hunting dog, it is necessary to learn the reminder as soon as possible to the Auvergne pointer. It is not harder to educate than other dogs in its class . A good balance between firmness and softness is enough to make it a pleasant companion for life and hunting. This dog is full of natural qualities just waiting to be developed by intelligent training.


Auvergne pointer is robust and rather resistant. It does not pose major health problems , except for predispositions to certain diseases mainly dermatological including  demodecic mange (infestation of hair follicles by a microscopic mite called Demodex canis).

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Auvergne pointer is a dog that requires very little maintenance . This consists mainly of brushing regularly and inspecting and cleaning his ears.


It is recommended to brush the dog every week  to maintain the health and beauty of his hair. His ears are to keep clean to avoid possible inflammations or infections.

Physical activity

The Auvergne pointer needs to stay active  for his physical and mental balance. He must therefore long and frequent walks, ideally in the forest or in the countryside, to satisfy him on this plan.

Living conditions

The Auvergne pointer is made to live in a house with a large fenced garden , ideally in rural areas. It can accommodate an urban lifestyle if it is sufficiently walk in everyday life.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 600 € 900 €

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