Basics of Dog Breed : Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Posted on September 25 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is a medioline dog, robust and elegant. Harmoniously built, it has a dry and well developed musculature. His looks and look give an impression of intelligence and gentleness. The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is distinguished from other dogs Belgian Shepherd (Tervueren, Laekenois and Malinois) by its long black hair exclusively.

Breed Information:

Origin:  Belgium
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
FCI number: 15
Hair type: Long
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael comes from the Belgian village of the same name. The breed was created by Nicolas Rose in 1879 from a long-haired black bitch , and a flock dog resembling him. The puppies from this cross then served as a basis for the development of this variety of Belgian Shepherd dog. Like the Malinois, the Tervueren and the Laekenois, the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael  was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale on 1 January 1956. The official FCI standard in force of the breed was published on 13 March 2001, specifying the characteristics of each variety.

Physical characteristics

His hair: long and smooth all over his body, except the head, the outer side of the ears and the lower limbs. Dense and tight, it is associated with a woolly undercoat, all giving the dog a very good protection. 
His color: exclusively black zain. 
His head: long, straight, well drawn and carried high. The skull is moderately broad, the forehead is rounder than flat, the median furrow is not pronounced. The stop is moderate, the black truffle and the muzzle of medium length. 
Her ears: attached high, small, triangular in shape, ending in points and well erect when the dog is active. 
Their eyes :in almonds, medium in size, brownish to dark in color. Display an expression that is intelligent, sweet and lively. 
His body:  writable in a square. The line of the back and the kidney is straight, the tourniquet accentuated, the back firm and well muscled, the solid kidney, the rump well muscled, the belly slightly raised. 
Its tail:  medium long, thick at its attachment, hanging at rest, worn higher when the dog is awake.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 20 kg and 25 kg Between 56 cm and 62 cm
Male Between 28 kg and 30 kg Between 60 cm and 66 cm

A Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is a dog of great intelligence and overflowing with vitality . Vigilant , a worker , constantly looking for activity, he is as good at driving herds (it is, as his name suggests, a sheepdog at the base) for the guard and the defense . His strong instinct for protection , his courage and determination will lead him to prevent any intrusion into his master's home and any aggression against him and his family. The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael combines all the qualities of a working dog. He is also an excellent pet dog .


The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael must receive a  firm education , associated with a  good dose of play and affection to be obedient and balanced. It must be socialized very early in order to avoid the dominant behaviors  towards its congeners.


The long, double coat provided by the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael gives it excellent protection against the rigors of the climate. The breed is not particularly predisposed to diseases except hip dysplasia like many large dogs.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael remains subject to 2 moults a year . The maintenance of his long hair must be ensured regularly.


It is recommended to brush the dog every week outside moulting periods and every day during these periods.

Physical activity

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael  needs a lot of exercise . He is naturally active and must be able to move enough daily. He enjoys  long walks with games and exercises . He is equally fond of agility courses and work tests of all kinds.

Living conditions

Preferring life in rural areas , in the middle of the great outdoors and with great freedom of movement, the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael can however adapt to living in an apartment if he enjoys enough daily activities. His teacher must be available (to offer him exercise), firm and fair.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 500 € 1000 €

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