Basics of Dog Breed : Bergamo Shepherd

Posted on September 26 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Bergamo Shepherd

Breed Information:

Other names: Bergamasque Shepherd, Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Cane da Pastore Bergamasco
Origin: Italy
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
FCI number: 194
Hair type: Long
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

The Shepherd of Bergamo corresponds to a very ancient race , since this dog was already used by the shepherds in Roman times. Originally from the Bergamo alpine regions, specialized in the care and management of flocks of sheep, he has also distinguished himself as a family dog. The breed almost disappeared at the end of the Second World War, but a passionate, Dr. Maria Andreoli has largely contributed to save her by maintaining a quality breeding.

Today, the Bergamo Shepherd is very popular as a companion, guard, therapy and mountain rescue dog . Nevertheless, it remains relatively unknown outside Italy. The breed was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) on February 23, 1956.

Physical characteristics

The Shepherd of Bergamo is a dog with a rustic appearance, recognizable by its abundant coat and covering all his body. Powerfully built, the Shepherd of Bergamo is no less harmoniously proportioned. His hair:  abundant, long, covering all parts of the body of the dog, can be very rough texture (goat hair), especially on the back of the trunk. Characterized by wicks on all limbs. Its color: all shades of gray uniform with or without gray spots. Shades, light fawn or black unicolour are allowed. Its head :  

well proportioned to the rest of the body. The length of the muzzle is equal to that of the skull. The forehead is broad and rounded, the stop is well adjusted, the thin lips, the jaws well developed and the cheeks little in relief. 
Its ears: triangular, semi-drooping, attached high, broad at their base, length between 11 and 13 cm. 
Her eyes: large, brown in accordance with the dress, displaying a look both soft, peaceful and attentive. 
His body: writable in a square. The tourniquet is well out, high and long, the back straight and muscular, the broad and robust rump, the chest ample and well arched. 
Its tail : attached rather low, thick at its base and becoming finer towards its extremity, furnished with a slightly wavy woolly hair, carried in saber at rest, whipped with whip when the dog is in action.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 26 kg and 32 kg Between 54 cm and 61 cm
Male Between 32 kg and 38 kg Between 55 cm and 63 cm

A Shepherd Dog from Bergamo is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

The Shepherd of Bergamo is a smart, determined and vigilant dog , while displaying a weighted and patient personality. Never fearful or aggressive, he has all the qualities that have allowed him to shine in his favorite field: driving and herding . As a family, he is a pleasant companion for everyone, especially children. He shows an attachment to his master and bravely watches over his house. The Shepherd of Bergamo can also be stubborn from time to time.

Education ...
Despite its strong side , Bergamo Shepherd has a remarkable ability to learn that facilitates his education. It must be early, just like its socialization, and this, so as to temper its character with a dominant tendency.


The Shepherd of Bergamo is a robust dog , which bears remarkably well the cold and does not suffer from any pathology proper to the breed.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Bergamo Shepherd is not affected by seasonal moults , but his hair is constantly growing. Despite the rough and plentiful appearance of his coat, he is a dog that requires little maintenance .

Outings ...
The Bergamo Shepherd needs a lot of exercise to stay happy and balanced. Accustomed to large spaces, it must be walked long and frequently .

Hygiene ...
This dog is neither brushing nor grooming . It should simply be washed from time to time and slowly dried in the sun.

Living conditions

The Shepherd of Bergamo is essentially an outdoor dog and vast spaces. It will be difficult to get used to a city lifestyle , let alone an apartment, if it is not sufficiently stimulated via long and frequent outings.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 700 € 1200 €

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