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Basics of Dog Breed : Berger Picard

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Posted on September 25 2018

The Berger de Picardie is a robust, rustic dog, recognizable by its scribbled appearance. With a good musculature and a balanced frame, without giving off a feeling of heaviness, it displays a sparkling look of intelligence and liveliness. It is also characterized by great elegance, as much when it is still as when it is in action.

Breed Information:

Other names: Berger Picard
Origin:   France
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
FCI number: 176
Hair type: Half-long
Shape of the head: Triangular

Race history

As its name indicates, the Berger de Picardie has Picardy origins , but it would have benefited from the contributions of several sheep dogs from different origins in Europe. Very old breed, it was exhibited, for the first time, in 1863. The first official standard of the Berger de Picardie was written and published by Paul Megnin (1868-1952) in 1922. Somewhat abandoned, the race will be relaunched after the 2nd World War. The dog Robert Montenot founded the Friends of Berger Picard club in the mid-1950s, while a new breed standard will be approved by the Société Centrale Canine in 1964. In the meantime, the FCI will have recognized it definitively in June 1955.

Physical characteristics

His hair: medium-length (5 to 6 cm on the whole body), hard texture, associated with a fine and tight undercoat. 
Its color: tawny, fawn brindle, charcoal fawn, with possibly marks of a dark gray and without white stain. 
His head: proportioned to the waist, finely cut, but without appearing sharp. Well-bristled, especially in the eyebrows, which should not hide the eyes, and mustaches and goats. The skull is slightly arched and the stop is not apparent. 
Its ears: medium, tied high, wide at their attachment and carried straight at all times, with slightly rounded tips. 
Their eyes :medium in size, oval in shape and dark in color (from hazel to dark). 
His body: gives an impression of solidity, but without exaggeration. The back is straight, the kidney solid, the rump slightly inclined, the ribs arched at the top, then flattening to the sternum. 
Its tail: reaches the point of the hock and slightly curved at its end at rest. In whip more raised, but not above the back, in action. Also trimmed with hair than the rest of the body.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 20 kg and 30 kg Between 58 cm and 62 cm
Male Between 20 kg and 30 kg Between 60 cm and 65 cm

A Berger de Picardie dog is classified as a medium-sized dog .

Behavior and character

The Berger de Picardie is a dog that knows how to reconcile wisdom and boldness . Intelligent, calm and affectionate , he is a pleasant companion for his master and all his family , especially children. His great vigilance, his bravery and his natural mistrust of strangers make him a very good guard dog . Because of his balanced personality, he is made to guide and keep the flocks of sheep, but it is not his only specialty: agility, ring and tracking are also part of his favorite areas thanks to his vivacity and willingness he has to please his master. The Berger de Picardie is not an aggressive dog, but he is even less fearful.


The Berger de Picardie must be  educated both firmly and gently . His intelligence and attachment to his master plead in his favor in his upbringing, but he is the kind of dog that does not run simply to obey. He  needs to grasp the usefulness of his work . And when it does, it puts all its ardor and its application. 


The Berger de Picardie is a particularly robust dog. He enjoys an iron health and is not afraid of illness as long as he is properly cared for, cared for and nurtured.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Berger de Picardie remains subject to 2 seasonal moults per year , one in spring and the other in autumn. With the exception of these periods of moulting, he does not lose much hair. For the rest, the Berger de Picardie is a rustic dog that does not require a complex maintenance.


It is recommended to  brush the dog once a week  to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of his hair. It does not need to be washed unless it is dirty.

Physical activity

The Berger de Picardie  needs a lot of exercise  to spend. It is recommended to  regularly offer long walks in the  countryside or forest, in addition to daily trips. Being a dog built for work, he must remain active to be happy.

Living conditions

The Berger de Picardie enjoys family life , especially the company of children . A house with a fenced garden would suit him perfectly. Apartment life definitely less. It is a dog intended for a person able to educate it firmly and to be available several hours a day.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 900 € 1200 €

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