Basics of Dog Breed: Black norwegian elkhound

Posted on December 03 2018

Basics of Dog Breed: Black norwegian elkhound

The Black norwegian elkhound is a solidly built dog, with a rather picky body writable in a square. He is distinguished from his close cousin, the Norwegian Gray Elk Dog, mainly by the dominant color of his dress. The Black norwegian elkhound is particularly recognizable by its well-erect ears and tail curled on the back. His gaits are light and flexible, with very parallel movements.

Race history

The  Black Norwegian Elk Dog is a very old breed , developed for the hunting of large game - mainly elk - in the Norwegian forests. The first Norwegian Elk Dogs to be exhibited were in 1877 by the Norwegian Hunters Association. The British Elkhound Society, for its part, was founded in the inter-war period (1923), followed seven years later by its American counterpart, the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America. The race of the Black Norwegian Elk Dog was definitively recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) on October 7, 1965.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: dense, tight, medium length, rather rough texture, well laid down on the body, shorter on the head and front of the limbs, longer on the chest, neck, back of limbs and under the tail. The hair cover is associated with a soft and woolly undercoat.
Its color: shiny black unicolour all over the body.
Its head: cuneiform, dry, light and becoming finer towards the truffle. The skull is quite flat, the stop distinct, the truffle black, the right chamfer and the tight lips.
Its ears: well erect and pointed, longer than wide, tied high.
Its eyes are dark brown and not protruding.
Its body: of length equal to the height at the withers. The neck is moderately long, strong, the upper line straight, the withers well out, the back straight and powerful, the rump broad and muscular and the chest well down.
Its tail: coiled on her back, thick, high-fastened, of short length and covered with a thick, layered coat.

Behavior with others

The  Black Norwegian Elk Dog  is a dog full of determination , courage and energy. He is sociable and affectionate . Good guardian , he willingly gives voice to alert his masters.


With a rather primitive character specific to the Spitz, the Black norwegian elkhound needs to be taken in hand firmly , but without a balance of power, to develop good behavior. He must also benefit from quality socialization from a very young age.

Living conditions

The  Black Norwegian Moose Dog  needs a large living space . A house with a large fenced garden might suit him, but not an apartment. It is aimed at people with a minimum of experience in dog training , who know how to be respected and who know the specific needs of this dog.


The Black norwegian elkhound is a hardy, solid dog . If its double coat gives it excellent protection against low temperatures and humidity , the breed has predispositions to certain diseases, including the following: pyoderma (bacterial infection of the skin) and generalized retinal atrophy (degeneration of the retina).

Maintenance and hygiene

The  Black Norwegian Elk Dog is subject to 2 moults a year , occurring in the spring and fall. During these periods, he can lose a lot of hair . Apart from this, the maintenance of the Black Norwegian Moose Dog  does not present any particular difficulties.

It is recommended to  brush the dog at least 2 times a week . During molting, brushing is done every day. It does not need to be washed.

Physical activity

The  Black Norwegian Moose Dog  has a  lot of energy , hence the need to offer him  2 long daily trips.

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