Basics of Dog Breed : Border Collie

Posted on September 27 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Border Collie

The Border Collie is a naturally elegant dog with harmonious proportions. Agile and enduring, he is always ready to take action.

Breed Information:

Origin:  UK
FCI Group: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
FCI number: 297
Hair type: Half-long
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

The Border Collie has been known since the 17th century . He was not considered a race properly speaking. But most Border shepherds, a border area between England and Scotland, had what was recognized in 1982 as a race. If it is multi-centenary, its official recognition is paradoxically established only in the 20th century. The breed standard was recognized by the FCI in 1977.

Physical characteristics

His hair : short or of moderate length. Its hairs are very dense, providing excellent protection during inclement weather. 
Its color : we find this race with all possible colors of dress, but the white must not be dominant. 
His head : the skull is not large, proportional with the muzzle quite short, but strong. Occiput little marked. Net stop. 
His ears : semi-erect or straight, they are of medium size. 
His eyes : almond-shaped, they are well apart. They are usually brown, except in blackbirds that can have one or two blue eyes. 
His body is athletic with a well-lowered chest and arched ribs. 
Its tail : naturally pendulous, very bushy and the tip bent up, it must reach the hocks.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 18 kg and 28 kg Between 48 cm and 52 cm
Male Between 18 kg and 28 kg Between 50 cm and 55 cm

A Border Collie dog is classified as a medium-sized dog .

Behavior and character

The Border Collie is an excellent sheepdog . Gathering what is scattered (like a flock) is a real obsession. Instinctively, this breed protects his family as well as his territory. A good training can make it a very good pet or put it at the top of the ranking in competitions of agility and / or obedience.


Lively and intelligent , he constantly needs to move , it's genetic. It is therefore important to channel this energy and teach it docility as soon as possible. He has been trained to be suspicious of strangers , but is socializing very quickly.


The Border Collie is one of the strongest breeds. However, screening is necessary to detect possible defects such as atrophy of the retina , hip dysplasia , drug sensitivity or torsions of the stomach .

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Border Collie is not a difficult dog to maintain from the point of view of hygiene and health . However, to avoid digestive disorders, care must be taken to ensure that it is not physically spent after eating.


The coat should be regularly brushed . A wire brush with rounded tips will undo the knots that form in the coat. A quarterly bath is more than enough.

Physical activity

The Border Collie needs to frolic constantly . The ideal is to offer him a large outdoor space to allow him to give himself thoroughly. Otherwise, several outings a day will make him happy. Nevertheless, he will find his full development in the work of the flock.

Living conditions

The Border Collie is not made for an apartment living . He needs to spend his energy, which requires several walks during which he can run to the point of losing his breath.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 800 € 1200 €

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