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Basics of Dog Breed : Border Terrier

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Posted on September 27 2018

The Border Terrier is a robust, rustic and very active little dog. It is easily recognizable by its head resembling that of the otter. His body is, as a whole, fairly slender. The general appearance of the dog gives off an impression of lightness.

Breed Information:

Origin:  Britain
FCI Group: warren
FCI number: 10
Hair type: Half-long
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

The Border Terrier breed comes from several crosses involving British working terriers such as Bedlington Terrier, Lakeland Terrier and Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Its name is borrowed from its home region, that of the Borders which are at the historic border between Scotland and England.

This dog was traditionally used during the fox hunt , during which he joined the common dogs like the Foxhound. The Border Terrier Club was founded in 1920. The breed was not really appreciated in France until the mid-1980s. The breed was recognized definitively by the FCI on June 26, 1963 and its standard currently in force is 24 June 1987.

Physical characteristics

His hair: hard, dense and compact. The undercoat is tight. 
Its color: red, pale orange-red, gray and fire or blue and fire. 
Her head: broad, evoking that of the otter, with a short and strong muzzle, jaws arranged in scissors and ideally a black truffle. 
Her ears: V-shaped, small, moderately thick and drooping against the cheek forward. 
His eyes are dark in color and show a lively expression. 
His body: long, tall, narrow. The kidney is strong, the ribs well circled towards the back of the thorax, but without being bent. 
Its tail :of moderate length, thick with its attachment and refining to its extremity. Attached high, carried gaily without being bent on the back.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 5 kg and 7 kg Between 33 cm and 36 cm
Male Between 6 kg and 7 kg Between 37 cm and 40 cm

A Border Terrier dog is classified as a small dog .

Behavior and character

The Border Terrier is a very hard working dog , able to follow a horse which he likes the company. He is also full of spirit and courage. He has a strong personality while displaying a happy attitude. The Border Terrier is very attached to his masters and can get along with the children , provided he is not rushed. It has retained a strong hunting instinct , which can be a problem with rodents and small pets in general. In hunting action, the Border Terrier behaves as a bushman with small game and makes short runs with big game.


Active dog and strong temperament, the Border Terrier must be properly  educated from an early age . His  learning of limits not to be exceeded  and behaviors to be adopted is firmly and without excess. It is also important to  socialize him well  even if he is very obedient to the recall.


Do not be fooled by the small size and fragile appearance of this dog . The Border Terrier literally enjoys an iron health , with its robust, rustic and without excess. 

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Border Terrier is practically immature and therefore loses very little hair . It must nevertheless be regularly maintained and groomed . Its maintenance is quite simple as long as the dog is not neglected.


Grooming is  sometimes necessary in dogs. It essentially consists of  the trimer  or  epilator . Scissors and mower must not be used. The main thing is to make sure that your hair remains dense and tight so that it can fulfill its protective function. Too frequent washes are not recommended as they may alter the layer of sebum that protects the skin.

Physical activity

The Border Terrier is an  active dog that needs to be active . Long daily outings allow him to both exercise and improve his behavior indoors.

Living conditions

The Border Terrier is a hunting dog that will be much more comfortable in the countryside than in the city. He can adapt to living in an apartment only if he has sufficient opportunities to trot and run. He is more interested in his teachers who can devote him several hours a day and offer him activities.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 900 € 1200 €

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