Basics of Dog Breed : Borzoi

Posted on September 19 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Borzoi

Breed Information:

Other names: Russian Hound, Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya, Borzoi


FCI Group: Greyhounds
FCI number: 193
Hair type: Half-long
Shape of the head: Long

Race history

Borzoi has been known in Russia for at least 900 years . We can cite in particular this testimony visible in the French chronicle of the eleventh century and mentioning the presence of three of these dogs near the daughter of the Grand Duke of Kiev Anna Yaroslavna (Anne of Kiev), future wife of Henry I and mother of Philip I, on his arrival in France.

Many Russian celebrities have owned Barzoïs, including the czars Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Nicholas II and the writers and poets Pushkin and Turgenev. It then spread to Western Europe and America from the end of the 19th century. The breed  was definitively recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale on January 13, 1956.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: supple, silky and soft texture, characterized by undulations or short curls, but not tight. Satin, short and well laid on the head, limbs and ears. Longer and wavy on the rest of the body. Dense and abundant on the neck. 
Its color: all the colors and their combinations, except the blue, the brown and their derivatives. The fringes are much lighter than the dominant color. Presence of black mask in dogs with charcoal colors. 
Its head :long, narrow, dry, elegant in appearance, revealing the large veins under the skin. The skull and the chamfer constitute a slightly convex line. The skull is narrow, almost flat in profile and elongated oval seen from above. The stop is very little marked. The truffle is big enough. The lower jaw is rather strong. 
His ears: small, thin, very lively, tied rather behind and above the line of the eyes, tight against the neck. 
His eyes: almonds without bridles, quite large, dark hazel or dark brown, positioned obliquely and expressively. 
His body :of height at the withers equal to or slightly greater than that of the top of the croup on the ground in the male. Equal heights in the female. The tourniquet is not marked, the back is broad, muscular and supple, the kidney is long and prominent, the rump is long and broad, the chest is well developed in length. 
His tail: sickle or saber, tied down, thin and of good length. Raised when the dog is in action, but never above the line of the back.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 27 kg and 39 kg Between 68 cm and 78 cm
Male Between 34 kg and 47 kg Between 75 cm and 85 cm

A Borzoi dog is classified as a large dog .

Behavior and character

Borzoi is a dog very calm , balanced, sensitive and pleasant to live . In hunting, as soon as he sees the game, he is totally transformed: he becomes excited, impetuous and totally determined. His view is remarkably powerful. He can sometimes be stubborn , but remains a very good companion for the whole family .

Education ...
Because of its strong side, Borzoi must be educated firmly from an early age . It's not about breaking it. His education should also include gentleness , as he is particularly sensitive, like most greyhounds. The learning of the recall is also essential, as a Borzoi launched at full speed on a track can get away in no time.


Borzoi is a large, sturdy and dry dog ​​with a noble appearance and elongated silhouette (especially in females). Its strong bone without being massive and its musculature well developed without being salient give the Borzoi an elegant and harmonious silhouette.


Although it has a fairly robust constitution, Borzoi is predisposed to certain diseases, including the following: digestive disorders (bloating) and  hip dysplasia .

Maintenance & Hygiene


Borzoi is subject to an annual moult giving rise to fairly significant hair loss . Regular brushing of the dress is essential to preserve its natural beauty and elegance, as well as its cleanliness. His ears are also inspected frequently to prevent debris deposits and infections.


It is recommended to  brush the dog 2 to 3 times a week . During moulting, brushing becomes daily.

Physical activity

He needs a  lot of exercise to get busy . He needs to run at full speed and at good distances. He was born for racing and tracking, so he can not stay idle for too long.

Living conditions

Built for work and running, the Borzoi has need a master available and able to offer him regular physical activity. Even if he is discreet with the family and likes to spend time in the greatest tranquility, he will always prefer to enjoy large open spaces. Life in a house with a fenced garden is therefore more suitable for him than living in an apartment in the city.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 800 € 1300 €

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