Basics of Dog Breed : Bullmastiff

Posted on September 30 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a dog with strong and powerful physical constitution, while being harmonious. Despite its compact and solid size, his body does not exude an impression of heaviness. His head is big and tall.

Breed Information:

Origin:  Britain
FCI Group: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds and Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds
FCI number: 157
Hair type: Short
Shape of the head: Carree

Race history

Of British origin, the Bullmastiff comes from the cross between the Mastiff and the English Bulldog . Powerful, alert and intelligent, it has been traditionally used as a watchdog. The Bullmastiff also put his talents to the service of game wardens, helping to hunt intruders and poachers. Rather than biting them, he was trained to press them to the ground to immobilize them.

Physical characteristics

His hair: both short and hard, he is lying flat on the body and offers the dog a good protection against the weather. 
Its color: must be pure and clean, whatever the tone (bray, tawny or red), with sometimes a slight white mark on the chest. 
His head: massive, broad and high, with a black mask on the muzzle. The stop is well marked. 
Its ears:  darker than the body and V-shaped, forming a fold towards the back and standing at the level of the eyes when the dog is awake. They are tied up and well separated. 
His eyes are medium in size and dark or hazel in color, well separated with a clearly marked groove and surrounded by dark marks.
His body: strong and solid structure, with a broad chest and high, a short back, straight and giving a port picked up, as well as a large and muscular kidney. The flank is well down. 
His tail: tied up and upright. Thick at the base, then thinner as it approaches its end to finish in point.

Weight and size

Weight Cut
Female Between 41 kg and 50 kg Between 60 cm and 66 cm
Male Between 50 kg and 59 kg Between 63 cm and 68 cm

A Bullmastiff dog is classified as a giant .

Behavior and character

Despite his placid air, the Bullmastiff is a jovial and active dog . His dissuasive stature, his courage and his great vigilance make him an excellent guard dog . The Bullmastiff is also very sweet with children and feels in his element within the family. It is a reliable and protective dog .


By its important physical constitution, the Bullmastiff must receive an education that is both strict and fair . The limits must be fixed early enough so that he does not get the upper hand thanks to his strength when he reaches adulthood.


Like most large dogs, the risk of hip dysplasia can never be ruled out. Its diet should also be monitored to avoid overweight in this  very greedy animal . For the rest, the Bullmastiff is a dog with rather solid health.

Maintenance & Hygiene


The Bullmastiff is not particularly difficult to maintain , despite its hard coat. The latter, however, must be regularly examined and treated to be able to fully fulfill its protective function against the weather and the different types of external aggression.


It is recommended to brush the dog several times a week and use a rubber glove to remove dead hair, maintain cleanliness of the coat and skin.

Physical activity

The Bullmastiff is an active dog , but it is better not to overdo it to preserve its joints . A moderate activitysuits him perfectly, allowing him to control his weight and channel his energy, without inflicting future suffering. His daily walks and regular play sessions are usually enough to satisfy him.

Living conditions

The Bullmastiff is inside , but it is better for him to have an outdoor area . It will be able to invest this one as it wishes, as well to enjoy a great freedom of movement as to choose the best observation posts. It is better suited to experienced teachers or failing that, who are well informed about the necessary education vis-à-vis a dog as powerful. Although he has a good character, the Bullmastiff must be properly educated and sociabilized from an early age.

Price and budget

Minimum Maximum
Buying price 1200 € 1500 €

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