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Basics of Dog Breed : Canaan Dog

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Posted on November 28 2018

The Canaan Dog is a dog of medium size, robust, writable in a square, of strong and balanced construction. The differences between male and female dogs are quite distinct in the Canaan Dog.

Race history

The  Canaan Dog breed  was developed on the basis of wild dogs from the Near East . Formerly, this dog was raised for the guard and defense of animals and houses . The first structured breeding was conducted by Rudolphina Menzel from the late 1940s. After his death, the breeder Myrna Shiboleth took over and helped to perpetuate and improve the breed. As early as the 1960s, subjects were exported to the United States, Italy and Great Britain. The Canaan Dog breed was definitively recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) on November 23, 1966.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: straight, tight, hard texture and short to medium length. The hair cover is associated with a very coarse and tight undercoat.
Its color: sand to red-brown, white, black or variegated. With or without mask, which must be symmetrical.
Its head: harmonious proportions, almost wedge-shaped, medium length, giving a impression of width due to the low attachment of the ears. The skull is moderately flattened, wider in most males. The stop is marked. The truffle is black, the lips are tight and the jaws articulated in scissors or pincers.
Its ears: tied low, well erect, rather short and broad, rounded at the end.
Its eyes :rather oblique, in almonds, of dark brown color.
Its body: as long as high (at the withers). The tourniquet is well out, the back straight, the kidney muscular, the breast well down and moderately wide, the ribs well arched and the belly raised.
Its tail: high attachment, worn rolled on the back and covered with abundant hair.

Behavior with others

The Canaan Dog is a dog full of vivacity, always ready to defend and to defend itself, but without disproportionate aggressiveness. Attentive and particularly suspicious of foreigners , he is a good watchdog and is protective of his own , whether human or animal. Extremely attached to his master, the Canaan Dog asserts his docility and his lively character.


The Canaan Dog is  reputed easy to educate . Obedient and devoted to his master , he likes to please the latter, who must reserve him an education made of firmness, but also of sweetness.

Living conditions

The Canaan Dog can adapt to an urban environment if it benefits from outings and sufficient daily activities. Rather than in an apartment, he will prefer to live in a house with a large fenced garden . It is suitable for any type of family, in which he will be able to be affectionate and protective.


The Canaan Dog is a dog with strong health , which supports quite well the difficult climatic conditions thanks to its double and dense hair. Natural selection helped shape a strong and resilient dog. There is no predisposition to any particular disease in this breed except for hip dysplasia.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Canaan Dog is subject to 2 moults per year during which he can lose a lot of hair . The rest of the year, hair loss continues, but to a lesser extent. Apart from this point, its maintenance does not present any particular difficulty.

It is recommended to  brush the dog  at least once a week . During periods of moult, brushing is to be done more frequently to eliminate the amount of dead hair.

Physical activity

The Canaan Dog is a dog that  needs a lot of activity and attention . It is essential to offer him long walks on a daily basis.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Canaan Dog is between 700 € and 1000 €.

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