Basics of Dog Breed: Chihuahua

Posted on December 03 2018

Basics of Dog Breed: Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a racy dog ​​with harmonious proportions. Round head with a lively expression. The Chihuahua has become over time a very popular dog in Europe and the United States. Considered the smallest breed dog in the world, he loves being hugged by his owners and being cuddled. He has a very appreciated temperament. In addition, he is not greedy in maintenance or food, and has good health while its size could make believe the opposite.

Race history

Chihuahua is a very old dog breed . It is considered the smallest in the world . Its name comes simply from the largest state of the Republic of Mexico : the state of Chihuahua . He would have lived in complete freedom before being domesticated by natives in the time of the Toltecs. At the end of the 19th century, this dog is exported in bulk to the United States and Europe follows.

Physical characteristics

Its hair  : can be of 2 varieties. The first short-haired is lying on the body, shiny and soft. The second long-haired remains fine, silky, smooth or slightly wavy.
Its color  : all colors and shades possible.
Its head  : rounded apple-shaped with a short snout.
Its ears  : erect, large and widely spread. They are refined towards the end.
Its eyes  : little prominent with a strong expression. They remain large, very rounded and dark in color.
Its body  : compact and well structured, tourniquet little marked, back short and firm, chest wide and well down.
Its tail : attached high, of moderate length and broad at the base. It thins towards the end.

Behavior with others

The Chihuahua is full of life and energy. His strong temperament and his dynamism make him suspicious, even aggressive against the foreigners whom he welcomes by barking supposed to make them flee! This characteristic feature makes Chihuahua a very good alarm dog . Contrary to popular belief, it is a very active dog and especially very courageous . He will not be impressed by congeners much stronger than him. With his master and his adoptive family, he will be very  cuddly , very  endearing ,  sweet and affectionate . He loves to be  caught in the arms  of his owner. His  intelligence is real and allows it to adapt to all  environments  and  situations.


The Chihuahua presents no difficulty in his education even if it is better like any small dog with a strong character to do it from an early age. It's about being firm and it will be quickly clean, faithful and discreet. Very  stubborn , he could then be uncontrollable and do only his head. We must not spare this canine which will then respond perfectly to orders. It is suggested to  socialize  very quickly so that it can be nice with intruders and other animals.

Living conditions

The Chihuahua is predisposed to live in a house . Life in an apartment is also ideal. However, he often feels the need to spend time outdoors. He likes to let off steam in green spaces.


With the fragile aspect, the Chihuahua is nevertheless robust and benefits from a good life expectancy . It is  not at all fragile  and can live up to more than 20 years. He is subject to eye irritation if his eyes are not maintained regularly. The calving are sometimes difficult because of its very small size. There are also some congenital diseases of the heart (pulmonary stenosis or mitral endocardiosis) and neurological diseases (hydrocephalus).  It can sometimes be chilly and must be removed from drafts and outside in winter.

Maintenance and hygiene

Chihuahua is a naturally clean little dog that requires little maintenance. The  Chihuahua longhaired  require more maintenance to avoid knots. Inspect your eyes and ears regularly.

Whether long-haired or short, his coat has no smell. It should be brushed regularly since as a pet dog it is part of your privacy. It should be washed from time to time with warm water and a mild shampoo.


The diet of Chihuahua must be based  on high quality croquettes . It should not be too bursty to avoid altering your digestive system and cause some health concerns.

Physical activity

The Chihuahua needs daily outings . Very energetic , he needs to stretch his legs regularly. Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay attention to the extreme climatic conditions (especially the cold), because the Chihuahua  remains very chilly.

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