Basics of Dog Breed : Chinese Crested Dog

Posted on November 22 2018

Basics of Dog Breed : Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small dog with a graceful appearance and appearance. Its naked variety is recognizable by its largely uncoated body, except on the head, lower limbs and tail. There are two types of Chinese Crested Dogs: the "deer type" with a fine frame and the "cobby type" with the heavier construction. The skin of the Chinese Crested Dog is both thin and smooth.

Race history

Originally from China, as its name suggests, the Chinese Crested Dog is said to be the descendant of very ancient Han Dynasty breeds, which is still a period of 4 centuries (from 206 BC). at 220 AD). Some of these dogs were used to protect the valuable property of their owners , while others were specialized in the hunt for pests including boats.

The Chinese Crested Dog  was exposed for the first time in the United States in the late 19th century after settling in Mexico ((it would be the ancestor of the Mexican dog). had some success thereafter, before becoming somewhat obsolete towards the second half of the 20th century The breed was definitively recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale on July 17, 1972.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: practically non-existent in the naked variety (except on the head, lower legs and tail), present in the downy variety (Powder-Puff), but still without broad hairy areas. The ridge is a characteristic sign of the breed: it can be modest or long and floating.
Its color: all mixtures, tones and shades are accepted.
Its head: well proportioned, smooth, displaying a graceful and awake appearance. The skull is slightly rounded, the stop is moderately marked.
Its ears: tall, erect and low-hanging.
Its eyes: almonds, medium size, dark to black, with very little or no visible white.
Its body: rather long, characterized by a certain flexibility. The back is straight, the kidney strong, the rump rounded and strong, the chest broad and deep, the belly slightly raised.
Its tail: long, thin, straight, tied high, drooping at rest, carried high in action. With fringes, except on its upper third.

Behavior with others

The Chinese Crested Dog is an active dog, gentle , full of joie de vivre and never aggressive. He is not really good at guarding, but he is a great companion, especially for children. Affectionate and more or less docile, the Chinese Crested Dog  is extremely attached to its master.


The education of the Chinese Crested Dog must be both  firm and gentle . Educated and socialized early enough, he becomes a very good pet dog for any type of master. He can quickly become a disruptive element if he does not receive a good education.

Living conditions

The Chinese Crested Dog is the pleasure and indoor dog par excellence. Because of its endearing character , its small size and its vulnerability to external aggression, it must live inside the home and adapt perfectly to the apartment life. But being able to enjoy the freedom of a fenced garden suits him just as much.


Due to its very fine or nonexistent coat, the Chinese Crested Dog  can not withstand the cold and the humidity , but also the solar aggressions. Nevertheless, it enjoys a fairly good life expectancy. Note that the breed is predisposed to certain diseases mainly dermatological : allergic or atopic dermatitis, solar dermatitis and sunburn.

Maintenance and hygiene

The Chinese Crested Dog is easy to maintain , but this work must be done regularly and carefully, because the dog is particularly vulnerable to external aggression.

It is recommended to  clean and moisturize the  dog's skin regularly , especially in summer. In hairy subjects, it is advisable to occasionally wax and scrub. For their part, Chinese Crested Dogs  of the Power-Puff variety are brushed every day and their neck is V-shaped.

Physical activity

He has  moderate needs  in terms of sports activity. A good and long daily walk is enough for him, but you must never deprive him of it. He especially seeks the proximity of his master, especially through the game.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Chinese Crested Dog is between € 700 and € 1200.
The annual maintenance cost of a Chinese Crested Dog is between NC and NC.

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