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Basics of Dog Breed: Chow chow

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Posted on December 02 2018

With his lion-like mane and slightly frowning expression, the Chow Chow is a dog with notable physical characteristics. His big head, his blue tongue and his very dense coat do not leave indifferent. Chow Chow is not the most tender of dogs. Not that it is aggressive, far from it, but this canine Chinese 2 varieties (long hair and short hair) shows very rarely his attachment to his master. Yet he is real. The Chow Chow is faithful and sincere, but has a difficult character and a strong temperament. It is not to put in the hands of neophyte.

Race history

Chow-Chow is native to Central Asia . A few centuries ago he was raised as a meat dog in Asia or for his fur  The English then imported it to Europe from Mongolia, probably in the 19th century. Its name comes from an inscription in Mandarin meaning "various goods", because it was brought along with exotic products. He goes down spitz dogs like the Nordic ones, but also mastiffs. The French really discovered it in the 1920s, with the appearance of a Chow-Chow Club of France, since become Chow-Chow Club French. It was only after the Second World War that the breed became popular.

Physical characteristics

Its hair : short, very abundant, smooth and slightly fluffy; in the long version (more common), the hair is also supplied and inflated.
Its color : the dress is necessarily monochrome (black, red, fawn, blue, cream or white). Shades may appear, especially under the tail and at the level of the pants, often lighter.
Its head : wide, voluminous and flat.
Its ears  : moderate in size and rounded shape, they are thick, spread and straight on the head. The tips are pointing forward and tend to converge ..
Its eyes : their size is normally average. They are oval, clean and slightly sunken. Normally dark, they can also be the color of the dress in blue and tawny chow chow.
Its body : the body is compact, horizontal, short and strong. The chest is wide and low, the shoulders muscular. The anterior ones are straight and the hind limbs as angular as possible (hence the particularly gaity gait of the Chow-Chow)
Its tail : it is tied high and reach well reversed, on the back.

Behavior with others

The Chow-Chow is a dog with an unusual character . If he greatly appreciates his master , he does not like to play or manifest his affection openly. He is distant and seems very proud. It tolerates children , but is not suitable for activities with them. He is a good guardian , barking very little. He protects his territory. He does not appreciate that strangers caress him on the head : this gesture is reserved for his masters. He gets along badly with other dogs . He is  loyal, faithful , especially with his master, but particularly  distant . He rarely shows  his affection. He is  proud, independent  but remains very calm.


His education  must be taken as soon as possible. The Chow Chow is not a shit to put in the hands of everyone. It takes some experience to apprehend and educate. His character  does not make things easier  . It is necessary to be  rigorous, firm  but also to be  gentle and delicate . His master must be confident and master his actions. Because the Chow Chow will not hesitate to take over if he feels in a strong position. Strict rules must be taken because this canid does not like, at first sight, human authority.

Living conditions

The Chow-Chow tolerates loneliness well enough . Silent, he does not have a permanent need for exercise . However, it will be better in a house than in an apartment. Its original character requires an attentive master, firm and very quiet. The Chow Chow is perfect for  apartment living . It is  very clean , does not stir and  barks very little . It is perfect for life in joint ownership. It also will perfectly to life in the  countryside , where he will gladly run outside if it has a garden.


It is a very robust dog , whose only real concerns can be related to the selection. Note however that the thick dress they can, when it is excessive (it is a fault), inconvenience them in case of great heat . In the same way, they get tired quickly in case of game. The Chow-Chow generally lives from 9 to 12 years old. Chow Chow is overweight . It is therefore important to pay close attention to one's  diet . In addition, this dog can develop  dysplasia of the hip and elbow . It will therefore be necessary to moderate his physical activity during the first months of his life. Moreover, it poses  no other health problem and has no  hereditary disease .

Maintenance and hygiene

When moulting, the Chow-Chow needs to be brushed very regularly . It is a necessary task regardless of the length of the hair, but it is of course more attractive for individuals with long hair. This is the only way to avoid knot formation.

Chow-Chow  can be washed regularly , but it must imperatively be thoroughly rinsed and dried with a hair dryer  after each wash. In addition to  regular brushing , more  intense  for the long-haired variety, Chow Chow must have its  eyes  cleaned thoroughly and meticulously. Indeed, this breed of dog tends to cry quite often. In addition, his hair should also be combed because he has a tendency to develop eczema .


Due to some  gastric problems  that it may develop, it is important to give 2 to 3 meals a day to Chow Chow rather than just one. Its  diet  must consist mainly of meat, which can be given in its simplest aspect or through  croquettes adapted and high quality . His  diet  can be based on  industrial or human food .

Physical activity

Chow-chow is a very calm dog , for whom looks are more important than games. This is not a dog especially very sporty. He is not a player at all and therefore will not be able to  physically spend himself  in the game. The only way is in several daily outings. They are really beneficial because without it, it will tend to be burdensome and to promote the appearance of obesity.

Price and budget

The purchase price of a Chow Chow is between 1000 € and 1500 €.
The annual maintenance cost of a Chow Chow is between 1350 € and 1400 €.

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